Tuesday 23.07.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


16 Jan 2024 / 10:51
Price of heating oil drops to €1.33-1.35 per litre in Corfu

CORFU. Orders have started, but customers are still exercising caution and payments are mainly by card.

14 Oct 2023 / 13:14
Heating oil on sale in Corfu from Monday at €1.47-€1.50 per litre

CORFU. Unleaded petrol expensive - Concern about fuel price increases due to war in Israel.

02 Aug 2023 / 10:42
Price of petrol over 2 Euros in Corfu

CORFU. Corfu Petrol Dealers Association president Antonis Sakkos says prices have increased daily over the last ten days.

01 Feb 2023 / 10:11
Fuel prices rise again

CORFU. Demand has dropped. Prices are expected to drop slightly.

14 Sep 2022 / 09:02
Price of unleaded petrol drops below €2 per litre in Corfu

CORFU. Diesel still expensive at €1.93-1.94 per litre.

08 Aug 2022 / 15:12
Drop in price of unleaded petrol

CORFU. Prices still remain over €2 but they are up to €0.40 cheaper than they have been recently.

15 Jun 2022 / 12:51
Price of unleaded petrol in Corfu reaches €2.50 per litre

CORFU. New three-month support measures from July.

01 Jun 2022 / 21:50
Unleaded petrol in Corfu over €2.36

CORFU. Tourists are also buying smaller quantities.

24 Mar 2022 / 10:25
Liquid fuel prices rising again in Corfu

CORFU. Demand continues to be 20% lower than normal.

18 Mar 2022 / 12:24
Price of unleaded petrol down to €2.08

CORFU. Fuel prices are falling - The platform for fuel subsidies will be available from the first week in April.

15 Mar 2022 / 13:55
Liquid fuel prices in Corfu slowly starting to fall

CORFU. The price of unleaded petrol has dropped to €2.17 per litre in Corfu. Dramatic drop in demand.

15 Mar 2022 / 11:47
΄Petrol subsidy΄ coming - announcement expected this week

The Government spokesperson said that the subsidy will be coming in the next few days - income criteria will be used and it won΄t be available to all.

10 Mar 2022 / 12:33
Over €2.20 per litre for unleaded petrol in Corfu

CORFU. Shock at today΄s new price increases for liquid fuel.

09 Mar 2022 / 11:13
10% increase in price of petrol in just one day

CORFU. Steep drop in demand for liquid fuel due to dramatic daily increases.

08 Mar 2022 / 20:43
Unleaded petrol in Corfu over €2

CORFU. Petrol dealers are seeing daily fuel price increases.

02 Mar 2022 / 21:05
Huge increase in fuel prices in Corfu

CORFU. Consumption has fallen by 40% due to the huge price increase in heating oil, diesel oil and petrol.

23 Feb 2022 / 11:20
Beached beaked whales: Greenpeace boat off the west coast of Corfu

CORFU. The Rainbow Warrior III is once again in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of Corfu.