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Price of unleaded petrol drops below €2 per litre in Corfu

14 Sep 2022 / 09:44

CORFU. Diesel still expensive at €1.93-1.94 per litre.

For the last few days the price of unleaded petrol in Corfu has been below €2 per litre but, although it would have been expected to be much cheaper, the price of diesel remains expensive.

The price of petrol is slowly but steadily dropping since mid-June (there has been a decrease of up to €0.40) providing some relief to consumers, who have been hard hit by the cost of living.

According to Corfu Petrol Dealers Association president Antonis Sakkos, petrol at most Corfu filling stations is available at €1.995-1.996 but demand is still low due to the fact that prices are still high. "We are hoping that the price of unleaded petrol will drop even further," he said. "Demand is still low, even from tourists, who just put enough petrol so that the needle on the fuel indicator is at the same point as when they rented the vehicle."

Development Minister Adonis Georgiades said on television that he doesn't consider it necessary for there to be a new Fuel Pass as the price has dropped below €2 and added that the forecasts of recession in the global economy have driven the price of oil down.

Diesel still expensive

The price of diesel still remains high - €1.93-1.94 per litre - compared to the downward trend in the price of unleaded petrol. "Although the price of unleaded petrol dropped steadily, heating oil increased," Mr. Sakkos told Enimerosi. "Winter is coming and prices of heating oil and diesel influence each other. At the moment the latter is €0.30 more expensive. It should be below €1.80 per litre."

Heating oil available from 15 October

Based on current data, it is expected that when it becomes available heating oil will be sold at around €1.65-1.70 per litre but this is not certain as prices have not stabilised. Heating oil will be available from 15 October. "At the moment customers are not ordering as they are waiting for fuel prices to drop even further and for the price of heating oil to decrease by €0.25 per litre," Mr Sakkos added.

With regard to gas, he said that this is independent and not affected by the prices of other types of fuel, and the government is already announcing incentives for people to use more oil rather than gas for their heating. "Gas is more expensive than heating oil and so there will be incentives to purchase oil along with subsidies and price reductions," said Mr. Sakkos.