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Heating oil on sale in Corfu from Monday at €1.47-€1.50 per litre

14 Oct 2023 / 13:06

CORFU. Unleaded petrol expensive - Concern about fuel price increases due to war in Israel.

Heating oil goes on sale in Corfu from Monday, October 16. However, consumers will need to dig deep into their pockets to stay warm in the winter, as the price will be 15%-20% higher than last year.

Antonis Sakkos, President of Corfu Petrol Dealers Association, told Enimerosi that the price at the island's filling stations is set at 1.47 – 1.50 Euros per litre. This year, the sale of heating oil starts without the direct subsidy measure that was in place last year, resulting in the cost being entirely passed on to the consumer. With the government subsidy last year, the price had been fixed at 1.33 Euros per litre at local filling stations.

"Consumers will be able to place their orders starting from Monday," Mr. Sakkos said. "The price, taking into account transportation and other costs, is higher by 15%-20% compared to last year. Unfortunately, there is no longer the subsidy which the government provided last year."

Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, stated recently on TV that there will be no subsidy. Support will be provided through a heating allowance to all eligible recipients, based on specific income criteria. The AADE myΘέρμανση platform is expected to open in the first ten days of November and will cover approximately one million households.

No demand

For now, there is no demand at the filling stations in Corfu, as the favourable weather conditions prevailing in October do not encourage orders. However, there is concern about whether consumers will be able to respond to the purchase of heating oil due to the increased cost. "There are no orders for now, and the weather isn't helping. They will come later, but it's worrying that the fuel prices are high, and consumers will have difficulty buying heating oil," Mr. Sakkos stated.



Price of unleaded petrol at €1.90-1.95

Meanwhile, the price of unleaded petrol has started to rise again at Corfu's filling stations. While prices had been decreasing recently, the price of unleaded petrol has begun to "pinch" again, as it is now available at 1.90 - 1.95 Euros per litre on average. The same goes for diesel fuel, with a litre selling for 1.81-1.84 Euros. "Although prices have been decreasing recently they have started to rise again due to international circumstances that, if they worsen, will result in fuel price increases. The situation is worsening," Mr. Sakkos commented.


Photo: Enimerosi archive