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Price of unleaded petrol in Corfu reaches €2.50 per litre

15 Jun 2022 / 12:50

CORFU. New three-month support measures from July.

Consumers are finding it hard to deal with rising costs and daily increases in the price of liquid fuel.

Corfu Petrol Dealers Association president Antonis Sakkos told Enimerosi that there have been daily increases in the price of unleaded petrol over the last three weeks and it has now reached €2.50 per litre, with diesel at over €2.15 and 100 octane unleaded almost €2.60. Not only residents are having difficulty, but also tourists and the drop in demand is having a serious effect on filling stations.

"Drivers are buying just enough petrol to cover their immediate needs and tourists are buying sparingly - €5 at a time," said Mr. Sakkos. "With these daily increases we don't know what to do - the profits for filling stations is not a percentage, but per litre. It is also affecting sea tourism, where orders have dropped by 40%.

"We are considered to be one of the most expensive countries in the world for liquid fuel. Sea tourism is being hit with customers previously spending €200-300 now needing €1,000. At the moment, orders for boats are way below what they were last year."

New measures from July

Speaking on SKAI this morning, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said that the new horizontal measures to be implemented in July will be for three months. The final decisions are expected next week following his meeting with the Prime Minister.

When asked if the measures will be "brave", he said that this was relative - what may be brave for the financial committee may seem fairly insignificant to the public. He pointed out, however, that the measures taken so far by the government have been much "braver" than the average of those taken in Europe. According to ethnos.gr, the most likely scenario is for a 'fuel pass 2' with extended criteria as it seems that there is the budgetary scope to cover it.