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Price of petrol over 2 Euros in Corfu

02 Aug 2023 / 10:18

CORFU. Corfu Petrol Dealers Association president Antonis Sakkos says prices have increased daily over the last ten days.

Corfu consumers are having to spend more and more at filling stations with the daily price increases over the last ten days.

According to Antonis Sakkos, President of Corfu Petrol Dealers Association, the price of unleaded petrol has jumped to over 2 Euros per litre at most filling stations. In fact, according to the Ministry of Development Liquid Fuel Price Monitor, the price of 95-octane unleaded petrol in Corfu has reached as high as 2.198 Euros, while it was at 1.909 Euros just ten days ago.

This new price surge has coincided with the significant wave of summer vacationers leaving the island, who are now facing yet another serious expense. As Mr. Sakkos stated, the fuel price increases are attributed to the rise in international oil prices and increased demand.

"We have had daily increases in the price of unleaded petrol for the past 10 days. At most filling stations on the island, it is now available for over 2 Euros per litre. Only a few stations still have stocks at the old prices," he noted.

Consumers buying petrol sparingly

Despite the unwelcome price increases that surprised consumers during the summer period, when travel increases, the number of people visiting the island's filling stations is higher compared to the previous period. They are, however, refilling their tanks sparingly.

Household budgets have been hit and so consumption is limited - and this applies not only to Greeks, but also to tourists, says Mr. Sakkos.

"Due to it being the summer season, consumption has increased compared to the previous months, but compared to last summer, there is a 20% decrease.;" he said. "Everyone is refilling sparingly. We see that there are difficulties. Everyone is limiting themselves according to their needs. We see refills of 5, 10,and at most 30 Euros."

As for the 100-octane unleaded petrol, he said that the price remains steadily above the psychological figure of 2 Euros and ranges from 2.23 to 2.25 Euros per litre.