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10% increase in price of petrol in just one day

09 Mar 2022 / 11:43

CORFU. Steep drop in demand for liquid fuel due to dramatic daily increases.

Liquid fuel prices continue to rise dramatically in Corfu with another sharp increase today (Wednesday 9 March) alarming consumers.

According to Corfu Petrol Dealers Association president Antonis Sakkos, the price of unleaded petrol increased by 10% in just one day and is expected to jump from €2.04 per litre to over €2.17 from tomorrow and possibly from today, depending on how much filling stations have in stock.

"There has been a big increase in the price of unleaded petrol and it will be even more expensive tomorrow," said Mr. Sakkos. "The state must seriously consider reducing the special consumption tax as, the way things are, there won't be consumption and the resulting tax income. People are already purchasing sparingly."

Heating oil

The price of heating oil and diesel is also continuing to rise and there has been a 15% increase. The price of diesel has gone up to around €2.07-2.08 per litre from €1.83 and heating oil has gone up to €1.65-1.70 from €1.53-54. "These are the prices we got today from the petroleum companies," he said. "Once filling stations use up the fuel they have at the previous price, the new prices will kick in."

Mr. Sakkos told Enimerosi, "Consumers are having a hard time and are limiting themselves to journeys that are necessary. From this morning, those who are phoning to order heating oil, when they hear the price, either cancel the order or order much less." He added that the increases also affect the prices of a whole range of everyday products - again hitting the consumer.

He said that there has been a steep drop in demand for liquid fuel due to dramatic daily increases and it is unclear how long this will continue.