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refuse collection

13 May 2024 / 12:58
Appeal from South Corfu Mayor to restrict amount of rubbish put in bins

CORFU. Inability of the contractor to collect the refuse throughout the Municipality of South Corfu.

03 Jan 2024 / 15:03
Clean-up operation in South Corfu

CORFU. With the assistance of the other Corfu municipalities and the Regional Authority.

08 Dec 2023 / 09:47
Catering industry professionals request measures for better waste collection.

CORFU. Spyros Neratzis says that from 1st February refuse will be taken to bins with carts.

19 Sep 2022 / 10:06
No refuse collection in South Corfu until 21 September

CORFU. Refuse collection will resume on Thursday 22nd.

04 Aug 2022 / 16:05
North Corfu fleet of refuse trucks growing

CORFU. The North Corfu Municipality has been able to add new trucks with funding from the ΄Philodimos II΄ Programme.

01 Oct 2021 / 15:56
Training of refuse truck drivers as part of E-Horeca Wanet programme

CORFU. In-person training and demonstration of special training equipment by the Ionian University Informatics Department as part of the cross-border E-Horeca Wanet programme.

11 Sep 2020 / 14:32
Central Corfu Municipality acquires bio-waste refuse truck

CORFU. The Municipal Cleansing Department received the first of two bio-waste refuse trucks as part of the E-Horeca WANET Programme - The trucks will collect bio-waste from the brown bins.

04 Sep 2020 / 10:00
Meropi Ydraiou:"Local citizens won΄t have to pay even 1 Euro extra for refuse collection contractor"

CORFU. The Mayor promised that there will be no increase in local taxes when part of the refuse collection is assigned to a private contractor in April 2021 - "We will be judged on the results," said Meropi Ydraiou.

31 Aug 2020 / 18:19
Refuse collection to be assigned to private contractor in 2021

CORFU. The 2-year contract will commence in 2021 if the 15 leased vehicles haven΄t arrived in Corfu by then - The Municipal Economic Committee voted 5 - 4 vote in favour of the assignment (the 4 against were from the opposition parties).

23 Jan 2020 / 11:22
Deputy Mayor for Cleansing: Refuse collection from airport and port is not Municipality΄s responsibility

CORFU. The leader of the ΄Prota i Kerkyra΄ party Giorgos Kaloudis put questions to the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipal Council regarding airport and port waste.

09 Aug 2019 / 08:59
Unanimous vote of approval from Town Council for emergency contracting out of refuse collection

CORFU. With 26 councillors present the motion was passed unanimously.

05 Aug 2019 / 11:10
Cleansing Service tells businesses to "Observe the rules in Spianada"

CORFU. Corfu Municipal Cleansing Service has issued a statement regarding the depositing and collection of refuse in Spianada.

05 Aug 2019 / 11:13
Almost 300k Euros for the refuse collection contract in Central Corfu

CORFU. According to the Municipality΄s press release the contract for refuse collection in Achillion, Parelion, Paliokastritsa and Phaeces will cost around 225k Euros (not including VAT).

02 Aug 2019 / 14:05
Municipality still hasn΄t received the approval for emergency refuse collection!

CORFU. Despite the verbal assurances of the Corfu MP Stefanos Gikas and incoming Mayor Meropi Ydraiou.

30 Jul 2019 / 09:00
Refuse collection - What Corfu Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos says

CORFU. Kostas Nikolouzos categorically denies that he received a letter from Meropi Ydraiou regarding refuse collection and that the Interior Minister intervened due to her initiative.

30 Jul 2019 / 08:46
Ydraiou requests fast-track refuse collection contract from Mayor and Interior Minister

CORFU. The incoming Mayor has requested that the procedure for contracting out refuse collection be put on fast-track.

30 Jul 2019 / 06:17
Minister of the Interior to Corfu Mayor:"Clean up the island!"

ATHENS. The new Minister of the Interior Takis Theodorikakos asked Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos to do something immediately to remove the rubbish from the roads.

10 Jul 2019 / 09:08
Large number of refuse trucks out of action - rubbish piling up again

CORFU. The problems at the Municipal Cleansing Service remind one of the Hydra Monster and rubbish is piling up the roadside throughout the island.