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Catering industry professionals request measures for better waste collection.

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08 Dec 2023 / 09:52

CORFU. Spyros Neratzis says that from 1st February refuse will be taken to bins with carts.

The need for additional measures to address a series of issues related to waste collection and cleanliness in Corfu Town was brought to the attention of the new municipal authority by professionals in the food and beverage service industry, ahead of the planning that the municipality intends to implement in this critical sector.

A meeting was organised on Thursday by Corfu Old Town Association of Catering and Related Professions at the Reading Society. The representative of the new municipal authority at the meeting was the elected municipal councillor Spyros Neratzis. The purpose was to provide information and have a discussion with the members of the Association on the crucial issue of waste collection, with the goal being the reduction of waste volume.

The professionals stated that the predominant issues for their businesses are the matter of waste collection from their establishments, which the municipality's small vehicle has difficulty accessing, street and bin cleaning, collection hours, the management of bio-waste, and the removal of bins from iconic cultural monuments.

Pilot Programme

Mr. Neratzis said that the new municipal authority is considering the implementation of a pilot programme, initially involving 100 businesses in the town. The goal is to reduce the volume of waste in the bins. The plan will focus on establishments that, up to now, the municipality's small vehicle has been unable to reach. "We are considering initiating a pilot programme for 100 businesses to implement sorting at source," he said. "First, we need to identify the establishments with issues, and then, in the second phase, it will be implemented."

To this end, he requested data on inaccessible points that, as he mentioned, would be served by small electric vehicles that would be integrated into the Service. He even estimated that the pilot programme could possibly be implemented next March. According to Mr. Neratzis, emphasis will also be placed on regular cleaning of roads, pavements and bins. However, he clarified that professionals should also contribute to the effort.


He added that, starting from February 1st, the transportation of rubbish to the bins should be done with a cart to put an end to the familiar scenes with black lines on the cobblestones from bin bags that have been dragged across. "Secondly, there should be respect for the workers, and not all the rubbish should end up in one heavy bag, but in several so they can be lifted from the ground," he said.

Although it is a well-known problem, only a few businesses in the historic centre have carts to transport rubbish to collection points.



Photo: Enimerosi