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Meropi Ydraiou:"Local citizens won΄t have to pay even 1 Euro extra for refuse collection contractor"

04 Sep 2020 / 10:25

CORFU. The Mayor promised that there will be no increase in local taxes when part of the refuse collection is assigned to a private contractor in April 2021 - "We will be judged on the results," said Meropi Ydraiou.

Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Mayor Meropi Ydraiou referred to the assignment of part of the refuse collection to a private contractor in a written statement.

Ms. Ydraiou stressed that what is important to the local authority is the result - by which, in any case, it will be judged by the public - and the fulfilment of its election promise to clean up Corfu.

The Mayor underlined that local citizens won't have to pay anything extra for the private contractor (who will begin April 2021, as she says) as there won't be any increase in local taxes.

Statement from Meropi Ydraiou:

"Our promise to the local citizens was and is a CLEAN CORFU. This promise is being fulfilled through our actions, such as:

- The transportation of waste to Kozani and additionally to another location with all the proper legal procedures (which some said wasn't possible).
- Speeding up the process to construct a waste management facility (the tender process is underway) and dealing with all the legal issues associated with this type of high-cost project.
- Development of recycling with specific infrastructure and activities (in previous years there was no recycling) and utilisation of all funding programmes.
- The local authority is proceeding in a timely manner with the tender process to assign part of the refuse collection to an outside contractor from April 2021. Previously, the Municipality took action at the last moment to assign the work to private contractors directly.

Through these actions:

- We are solving the problem of refuse collection, as the Municipalityhas only 8 old refuse trucks for 5 districts.
- Local citizens won't have to pay even 1 Euro extra as there will be no increase in local taxes.
- We are strictly ensuring a better level of cleanliness and an improved refuse collection service so that the public can have the cleanliness that it deserves and pays for.

The public judged us and will judge us on results.

Our aim is to keep Corfu clean. This is what the public demands."