Thursday 25.04.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

Archbishop Nektarios

06 Jan 2024 / 14:48
Blessing of the Waters today

CORFU. Archbishop Nektarios performed the Blessing of the Waters ceremony today by immersing the Holy Cross in the sea in commemoration of the Baptism of Jesus Christ.

22 Dec 2022 / 22:45
Archbishop Nektarios donates basic necessities to Corfu Prison inmates

CORFU. He visited and blessed their cells.

09 Jun 2022 / 11:06
Archbishop Nektarios appeal postponed yet again!

CORFU. The new date has been set - 4 May 2023 - in order that it be preceded by the Mayor΄s case on 3 April.

07 Jun 2022 / 15:04
Archbishop Nektarios: "I did it out of love"

CORFU. Statement from the Corfu, Paxos and Diapontia Islands Archbishop ahead of his appeal on Thursday 9 June.

06 Jun 2022 / 10:48
Appeal against Archbishop Nektarios not-guilty verdict to be heard on Thursday

CORFU. Following a postponement, the Prosecutor΄s appeal against the court΄s not-guilty verdict regarding the violation of pandemic measures on Palm Sunday will be heard.

11 Jan 2022 / 14:09
Archbishop Nektarios in court again

CORFU. The Prosecutor΄s appeal against the not guilty verdict will be heard on Thursday.

31 Dec 2021 / 15:23
Metropolitan Church cuts New Year΄s Cake

CORFU. The Archbishop said that some people want to poison people΄s souls.

29 Apr 2021 / 12:21
Bells will ring at midnight for Resurrection - church service at 9 p.m.

CORFU. Church bells will ring out at midnight on Easter Saturday as usual even though church services will take place at 9 p.m. this year due to the pandemic.

06 Jan 2021 / 12:47
Attendees took communion at Corfu Metropolitan Church today despite the restrictive measures

CORFU. A number of people took part in today΄s service led by Archbishop Nektarios and at the end took communion.

05 Jan 2021 / 14:59
Corfu Archbishop joins the ΄rebels΄ and announces that churches will be open for Epiphany

CORFU. Archbishop Nektarios has joined the ΄holy rebels΄ and chosen to follow the previous measures and not those in force now.

07 Dec 2020 / 10:20
New York Times article refers to trial of Archbishop Nektarios of Corfu

ATHENS. The article "Greek Orthodox Church Faces Criticism as Virus Hits Its Ranks" written by Niki Kitsantonis was published on Saturday 5 December.

30 Oct 2020 / 16:22
Statement from Archbishop Nektarios following appeal against court verdict

CORFU. "I have been and remain at the disposal of Greek justice," said the Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos & Diapontia Islands.

19 Oct 2020 / 15:19
Trial of Archbishop Nektarios to continue on Wednesday 21 October

CORFU. The second case against Nektarios, Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos & Diapontia Islands will continue on Wednesday at 09:00 - The Prosecutor requested his acquittal for one of the two cases.

19 Oct 2020 / 10:45
Corfu Archbishop in court today

CORFU. Church members and priests were waiting outside the Courthouse to show their support for the Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos & Diapontia Islands.

23 Jul 2020 / 15:09
Church to fund building of church at Corfu Hospital

CORFU. A memorandum for the construction and management of the church was signed today, Thursday 23 July, by Corfu Metropolitan Church and Corfu General Hospital.

22 Jul 2020 / 11:42
Corfu church bells to toll in mourning for Hagia Sophia

CORFU. By order of the Archbishop of Corfu, Paxos and the Diapontia Islands Nektarios on Friday 24 July at 12:00 church bells will toll in mourning for the desecration of Hagia Sophia.

18 May 2020 / 15:52
Archbishop Nektarios trial postponed

CORFU. The trial has been postponed due to the suspension of court proceedings being extended to 31 May.

28 Mar 2020 / 12:13
Archbishop Nektarios: "Imaginary conclusions are being drawn"

CORFU. In response to all the reports the Corfu Archbishop said that he was just saying - as was the Holy Synod - that there is no category in the movement form for individual prayers although the churches remain open for this.