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Archbishop Nektarios donates basic necessities to Corfu Prison inmates

Archbishop Nektarios
22 Dec 2022 / 22:22

CORFU. He visited and blessed their cells.

Nektarios Archibishop of Corfu, Paxos and Diapontia Islands visited Corfu Prison again this year ahead of Christmas, offering clothing, healthcare items and other basic necessities, as well as phonecards, to the inmates.
He had a meeting with the Prison Director and employees and visited the inmates' cells one by one and blessed them.
According to an announcement by the Metropolitan Church, "Mr. Nektarios would like to note that the Prison has a junior high and a high school where inmates have the opportunity to study in the classrooms renovated with the latest technology, as well as a Church, where church services are being carried out by two appointed priests.

Archbishop Nektarios spoke warmly to the inmates as he reminded them that faults are human and repentance is divine. God does not hold our sins and our faults against us if we are repentant. He further wished that they would soon be free and return to their homes and work. Apart from the material goods, he also offered everyone a card depicting the birth of Jesus where he wrote his wishes.

Charitable organisations
He then visited Corfu Municipality's Seniors Nursing Home, Catholic Church's Seniors Nursing Home and other facilities. It is worth noting that Archbishop Nektarios also visits every year the Church Foundation for the Chronically Ill on Christmas Day and offers gifts, sings carols with the residents and attends the Christmas meal.

In all the facilities he was welcomed with joy, hope and optimism, he exchanged thoughts with the residents and he strengthened them morally and spiritually."