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Archbishop Nektarios appeal postponed yet again!

Archbishop Nektarios
09 Jun 2022 / 10:57

CORFU. The new date has been set - 4 May 2023 - in order that it be preceded by the Mayor΄s case on 3 April.

The hearing of the Prosecutor's appeal against the not-guilty verdict for Archbishop Nektarios has been postponed for a second time - this time until May 2023.

The first postponement was on 13 January, due to the health of the Archbishop and Dimitris Metallinos.

The Prosecutor Mr. Pappas proposed that the case be postponed so that the case involving the Central Corfu Mayor can have been heard first.

Mayor Meropi Ydraiou's case, for the same charge, was set for 2023 at Corfu Appellate Court because of special jursidicton which applies due to the fact that she is a lawyer and so she has not been tried even at the first level yet.

The defendants' lawyers disagreed with the Prosecutor's proposal as they claimed that it would leave the Archbishop with the charges hanging over him.

The court decided by a majority vote to postpone the case until 4 May 2023 in order that it be preceded by the Mayor΄s case on 3 April.

The Archbishop's lawyer Yiannis Kontos told Enimerosi that, "The court judged that the case should be looked at agai, possibly at a higher level. If the Mayor is acquitted at the Appellate Court, then our case will be heard at the three-member Misdemeanour Court."