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03 Nov 2023 / 13:58
Adverse weather conditions expected in Corfu and Paxos from this evening

CORFU. Special weather bulletin - The weather is worsening, and the Ciarán storm that is already affecting Europe is advancing.

02 Nov 2023 / 10:28
Heavy storm rips off roof of building in Katakalou.

CORFU. Electricity will be restored in four hours, according to DEDDIE

03 Feb 2023 / 12:45
Remaining ΄Ballos΄ business compensation payments by next week

CORFU. The Ministerial Decision regarding the remaining compensation payments for businesses that suffered from the ΄Ballos΄ storm has been published.

10 Oct 2022 / 12:32
Storm-damaged Afra bridge now as good as new!

CORFU. The bridge has been restored and rebuilt.

10 Jun 2022 / 11:35
Storm damage in South Corfu

CORFU. Storm ΄Genesis΄ hit Corfu and is passing over Western Greece.

20 Jan 2022 / 20:43
Compensation for storm damage paid to households

CORFU. The Central Corfu Municipality paid the compensation to 163 flood victims – The total amount is €350,006.

12 Jan 2022 / 16:22
Repair work begins at Messonghi river

CORFU. The Regional Authority has begun work at the Messonghi river.

11 Jan 2022 / 18:06
Applications from businesses to be sent to Ministry of Finance for flood damage compensation

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Region is still waiting to receive the €15.5 million to repair the damage to infrastructure.

23 Nov 2021 / 18:37
€500,000 for first repair work in Corfu following ‘Ballos’ storm

CORFU. The first two army studies, concerning Afra and Karousades, have arrived in Corfu.

10 Nov 2021 / 17:57
180 applications from businesses to Regional Authority for flood damage compensation

CORFU. 70 applications have been examined – At first, they will receive 20% of the amount of the damage suffered.

29 Oct 2021 / 16:59
Central Corfu Municipality to receive €300k from Ministry of Interior for storm damage

CORFU. Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Mayor Meropi Ydraiou met with Ministry of the Interior General Secretary Michalis Stavrianoudakis.

25 Oct 2021 / 11:03
Major General Michail Klouvas arrives in Corfu - meeting with Deputy Regional Governor

CORFU. The Armed Forces team is here to inspect the infrastructure that was damaged by the "Balos" storm.

25 Oct 2021 / 11:40
Armed Forces engineers arrive to inspect storm damage

CORFU. Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas announced the arrival of the team in a social media post on Sunday night.

20 Oct 2021 / 13:00
100 applications from businesses to Regional Authority for compensation

CORFU. An increasing number of businesses that were hit by the ΄Ballos" storm are applying to the Corfu Regional Office for compensation.

19 Oct 2021 / 16:27
Government team to visit hardest-hit areas in Corfu on Wednesday

CORFU. Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides, Secretary to the PM Christos Triantopoulos, engineers and a supervisor from the Special Public Works Service will be coming to Corfu on Wednesday.

18 Oct 2021 / 11:01
Municipal road network open again following repair and clearing work

CORFU. Teams of workers and other helpers worked together to reopen the municipal roads following the damage done by the ΄Ballos΄ storm.

18 Oct 2021 / 11:06
Venetian Fountain in Kobitsi hit by ΄Ballos΄

CORFU. The beautiful and unique Venetian Fountain in Kobitsi.

17 Oct 2021 / 18:09
Regional Governor and Mayor visit areas hit by storm

CORFU. On Sunday, men from the army and navy helped to restore accessibility to areas badly hit by the storms. The Regional Governor inspected the areas.