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180 applications from businesses to Regional Authority for flood damage compensation

10 Nov 2021 / 17:51

CORFU. 70 applications have been examined – At first, they will receive 20% of the amount of the damage suffered.

Deputy Regional Governor Kostas Zorbas told Enimerosi that a total of 180 businesses affected by the ‘Ballos’ storm submitted applications to the Regional Authority for compensation. More than 70 of these applications have been examined, while the process for the remaining ones is expected to be completed within 15 days.
According to the Deputy Regional Governor for Corfu, an economic and technical study will be prepared in order to calculate the damages, on which the compensation will be based. “Two factors will be taken into account to determine the amount of compensation – how old the property was (depreciation) and the compensation rate from the Ministry,” said Mr. Zorbas.
What will be done initially
However, as Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas stated, the affected businesses will initially receive 20% of the amount of the damage suffered. “The files are being collected and the Region has received 176 applications from businesses to be compensated.
Half of the inspections have already been conducted in the affected businesses and as soon as a number of files are completed, they will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance, so that, in the following period, compensation will begin initially at 20% for those who have a complete file,” Mr. Gikas told Enimerosi. He also noted that yesterday he raised the issue of speeding up compensation payments to the affected people, as well as the quick approval of funds for the work that needs to be done, at the private meeting of the ND Parliamentary Group.

No support one month after ‘Ballos’ storm
However, all bodies and elected representatives of the island demand the immediate payment of compensation for the affected people – both individuals and businesses. The Ionian Islands Laiki Syspirosi party raised again this issue yesterday with a statement, criticising the fact that one month after the disastrous floods, no financial support has yet been announced or given to the victims.
Among other things, he pointed out that the 20% advance compensation payment is calculated to be the 55% of the damage, since the law does not provide for 100% compensation. He also said that the compensation will be paid over a four-year period and, of course, falls far short of the actual damage caused.
Finally, MeRA 25 MP Kriton Arsenis brought up the issue of the urgent need for compensation and repair works in Corfu due to ‘Ballos’ storm in his question to the Parliament.