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€500,000 for first repair work in Corfu following ‘Ballos’ storm

23 Nov 2021 / 18:06

CORFU. The first two army studies, concerning Afra and Karousades, have arrived in Corfu.

The Ministry of Interior approved funding of €500,000 for the first repair work that needs to be done in Corfu following ‘Ballos’ storm, which caused great damage to the island. The Ionian Islands Regional Council is expected to accept the funding at a meeting that will be held on 27 and 28 November in Lefkada, so that the work can be carried out.

The work
“The work that needs to be done due to ‘Ballos’ storm is unfortunately expensive”, Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure & Technical Works Manolis Orphanoudakis told Enimerosi. “The Civil Protection Service has already cleaned several rivers in the areas hit by the storm. At the same time, however, a €500,000 funding has been approved by the Ministry of Interior. Part of the money will be used on the Messonghi river, at the part of the road that was completely destroyed. Work will also be carried out on the upper part of the bridge, where the river destroyed the slope. For the rest, a study will be carried out on the Vrioni – Moraitika road.
Finally, with the remaining money we want to include one of the two areas where landslides occurred – either Perama or Tsaki Benitses.”
€15 million
As he explained, the remaining works will be carried out with a second funding that the Region requested from the Ministry of Development, amounting to €15 million. “The rest of the road repairs that need to be conducted, as well as many technical and flood protection works, which suffered damages, will be included in this funding,” said Mr. Orphanoudakis.
The first army studies
Meanwhile, the first two army studies for the repair work arrived at the Corfu Region offices, following the inspections conducted in October by an Armed Forces team of engineers headed by Major General Michail Klouvas, Head Engineer at the Hellenic National Defence General Staff and Head of the Design and Construction Unit (MOMKA).
The first study concerns the repair of the retaining wall at the Afra bridge, for which, however, the Ionian Islands Region has already started work according to the regional geotechnical engineer’s proposal. The second study concerns the construction of a retaining wall in Karousades, which will be implemented.
130 clean-ups
Finally, Deputy Regional Governor for Civil Protection Nikos Miliotis told Enimerosi that 130 clean-up and unblocking works of stream beds have been carried out throughout the island to date by the Civil Protection Service, while most of the interventions have already been completed. The clean-ups are being done with equipment by private contractors. In fact, as Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure & Technical Works Manolis Orphanoudakis explained, the Region’s list of contractors has increased by 200%.