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100 applications from businesses to Regional Authority for compensation

20 Oct 2021 / 13:46

CORFU. An increasing number of businesses that were hit by the ΄Ballos" storm are applying to the Corfu Regional Office for compensation.

The Deputy Regional Governor for Cofu Kostas Zorbas told ERT Kerkyra that up to yesterday, 19 October, 100 applications had been submitted.

Enimerosi had previously published that up to Monday 18 October 43 applications had been submitted by businesses, so in just one day there have been another 57.

A Government team, including Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides and the Secretary to the PM, responsible for Repairs following Natural DIsaster Christos Triantopoulos, are arriving in Corfu this afternoon to see at first-hand the damage and destruction caused in Central and South Corfu and Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa is expected to request that compensation payments be speeded up so that funding for damage to infrastructure can be provided as soon as possible.

Mr.Zorbas said that civil protection prevention measures will also be discussed as these can only be taken in areas where a state of emergency has been declared.