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Compensation for storm damage paid to households

20 Jan 2022 / 20:35

CORFU. The Central Corfu Municipality paid the compensation to 163 flood victims – The total amount is €350,006.

The Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality paid the compensation to the flood victims, which concern the destruction and damage of household goods and simple repair works. There are 163 eligible people and the amount of compensation is €350,006. This is, basically, the first compensation paid on the island to the flood victims.
The Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality said that, in collaboration with the responsible Ministry, it quickly carried out all the necessary checks and bureaucratic procedures and is now pleased to announce the payment of all relevant compensation to those eligible.
The Central Corfu Municipality gave to the affected people the opportunity to submit their applications for compensation. Thus, there was an immediate establishment of committees to check the claims for compensation, which carried out inspections in the households. A total of 312 applications were submitted to the Municipality and checked.
Of these, 163 were approved and related to minor damage to main homes and household goods. After this process, the Ministry responded quickly to the Municipality's request for the payment of the financial aid, which was approved by the Finance Committee and paid the amount to the bank which, according to the Municipality, is completing the payments to the accounts of those eligible.