Thursday 25.04.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


05 Mar 2024 / 14:06
Construction of road between Courthouse and Dimoulitsa St. discussed

CORFU. Security measures at the Courthouse were also discussed, following the discovery of a letter bomb at the courts in Thessaloniki.

28 Jul 2023 / 21:05
Court of Auditors finally says ‘yes’ to repair of Garitsa shore road

CORFU. Deputy Regional Governor M. Orphanoudakis: The Regional Authority΄s intention is to start the repair work after 15 August.

07 Jul 2023 / 18:53
Intervention of the Supreme Court regarding horse that died on the street

CORFU. Ms. Masoura contacted the Corfu Prosecutor΄s Office regarding the matter, while an investigation has already been initiated into the violation of the unfortunate animal΄s welfare.

04 Jul 2023 / 16:37
Restoration of Temploni landfill suspended until further notice

CORFU. The Court of Auditors has rejected the programmatic agreement between the Regional Authority and FODSA for the implementation of the project.

14 May 2023 / 11:46
Foreign tycoon demolishes illegal constructions on beach under threat of sanctions.

CORFU. Following a deluge of complaints and confirmed fines, the case reached the courtroom.

05 May 2023 / 09:54
Archbishop Nektarios acquitted again

CORFU. The Prosecutor΄s appeal was heard in court regarding the case of Archbishop Nektarios conducting a service on Palm Sunday, 2020 in the middle of the pandemic.

09 Mar 2023 / 13:01
Phone call about suspected explosive device in Courthouse

CORFU. The building was evacuated, a bomb disposal squad and sniffer dog searched the area but nothing was found.

15 Feb 2023 / 14:40
Erimitis court case postponed for a month

ATHENS. The lawyer for the Municipality Giorgos Kaloudis said they needed more time to prepare.

10 Nov 2022 / 11:02
Makeover of Vocational High School playing court

CORFU. The makeover of the playing court at the Vocational High School in Mantouki is the second such project completed - the first being the playing courts at Corfu 1st-5th Junior High School.

29 Aug 2022 / 14:06
Lawyers΄ Association clears up ΄jungle΄ in front of Courthouse itself

CORFU. Statement from Association President Yiannis Kontos.

22 Aug 2022 / 21:24
Court of Auditors says ‘no’ to repair of Garitsa shore road

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Regions is looking for a solution in order to repair the 500m section that has been left on the Garitsa shore road, as it could cause accidents to passers-by.

15 Jul 2022 / 21:21
Court of Audit approves repair of road in Perama

CORFU. Works are also expected to be carried out in Ag. Deka, Stavros and Viros.

08 Jul 2022 / 21:03
Garitsa residents vindicated for non-material damage due to noise from basketball court

CORFU. The Central Corfu Municipality chose the solution of settlement and to apply what is required by the court decision as it is recognising the problem.

09 Jun 2022 / 11:06
Archbishop Nektarios appeal postponed yet again!

CORFU. The new date has been set - 4 May 2023 - in order that it be preceded by the Mayor΄s case on 3 April.

07 Jun 2022 / 15:04
Archbishop Nektarios: "I did it out of love"

CORFU. Statement from the Corfu, Paxos and Diapontia Islands Archbishop ahead of his appeal on Thursday 9 June.

06 Jun 2022 / 10:48
Appeal against Archbishop Nektarios not-guilty verdict to be heard on Thursday

CORFU. Following a postponement, the Prosecutor΄s appeal against the court΄s not-guilty verdict regarding the violation of pandemic measures on Palm Sunday will be heard.

03 Jun 2022 / 10:52
Corfu Court of First Instance accepts appeals for electricity not to be cut off

CORFU. An elderly couple΄s electricity bill was €30 and the Adjustment Clause was €1,720!

06 May 2022 / 16:43
Five defendants found not guilty of obstructing work in Erimitis

CORFU. Corfu Three-Member Magistrates Court found the five defendants not guilty today.