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Restoration of Temploni landfill suspended until further notice

Temploni landfill
04 Jul 2023 / 16:15

CORFU. The Court of Auditors has rejected the programmatic agreement between the Regional Authority and FODSA for the implementation of the project.


The restoration of Temploni landfill is being suspended until further notice, as a few days ago the Court of Auditors rejected the programmatic agreement between the Regional Authority and FODSA for the implementation of the project.

The Court of Auditors announced that there are problems with the programmatic agreement between the two bodies, as the project should be carried out by the Regional Authority itself and not by FODSA.

The €1-million funding from the Ministry of Interior's Public Investment Programme has to be received by the Regional Authority, as FODSA cannot be funded for this purpose. For this reason, the two bodies had entered into a programmatic agreement, so that the Regional Authority would fund the project and FODSA would carry it out.

However, the new problem that emerged further delays the process that has already been delayed. The project, which has secured the environmental permit, concerns the complete restoration of the landfill and, in particular, the landfill of the waste bales within Corfu landfill's cells, the restoration of the terrain, the repair of the wall, the removal of waste from the plot of land where the Corfu waste management facility will be created, and the transportation of the waste bales that will not be landfilled to Palairos.

As the Ionian Islands Regional Governor and FODSA President Rodi Kratsa told Enimerosi, the agreement will have to be drafted again, according to the suggestions made, noting however that such issues delay the procedures.

"FODSA cannot receive funding for a natural disaster. If the money approved last year had gone directly to FODSA, the process would have been completed. The case is going back and forth to the Court of Auditors just for procedural work. These are issues that are unacceptable for an administration," Ms. Kratsa told Enimerosi, noting that the Regional Authority is carrying out everything on solid foundation.

Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant

The Tender Committee is in the process of evaluating the bids submitted by the three companies for the construction of the Corfu Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant.

Everyone's intention is for the project's temporary contractor to be announced before the end of the summer. For the time being, no procedural issues have arisen, but there is still a long way to go. Once the temporary contractor has been announced, there comes the stage of objections (which are likely to arise as this is a large project), followed by the pre-contractual check and, if no problems are found, the contracting of the project. Once the final contractor has signed the contract, after 10-30 days they will set up in the facility and the work on the construction of the Corfu waste facility will begin, as it is a national priority project.

"We are hoping that in the coming days we will have completed the evaluation so that we can move forward. We don't have a procedural issue. All the bidders have accepted the framework, they have submitted their bids, which are being evaluated, and very soon we will have the result of the Committee on who will be appointed as the temporary contractor," the FODSA General Director Vassilis Analitis told Enimerosi.

Three times

The project's budget, which has been put out to tender three times, is €64,699,209. In particular, the construction of the Corfu Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant will cost €33,963,294 plus the right of option amount (€30,735,915).