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Construction of road between Courthouse and Dimoulitsa St. discussed

05 Mar 2024 / 14:47

CORFU. Security measures at the Courthouse were also discussed, following the discovery of a letter bomb at the courts in Thessaloniki.

A meeting was convened at Corfu Courthouse by the Prosecutor of the Court of Appeals of Corfu, St. Vergonis, on Monday afternoon (4/3). Present at the meeting were the Mayor of Central Corfu, Stefanos Poulimenos, the Police Chief, Spyros Skolarikis, the President of Corfu Lawyers' Association, Yiannis Kontos, and relevant Deputy Mayors, as well as administrative staff of the Municipal urban planning office.

The subject of the meeting was the security measures that need to be taken in the building, following the recent discovery of the letter bomb package at the Courts of Thessaloniki, which was intended for the President of the Court of Appeals.


It was stated that a control mechanism should be installed at the entrance of the building, through which all individuals entering and exiting the premises must pass. The control mechanism resembles the security systems found at airports during passenger check-in.

Furthermore, discussions opened regarding which entrance would be considered the main one in the building, sparking a conversation about constructing a road connecting the Courthouse to the main street, Donatou Dimoulitsa.

This is an issue that has been pending for years and is a longstanding request of Corfu Lawyers' Association. However, the issue is stalled as urban development in the area has lagged behind. Nevertheless, the President of the Lawyers' Association proposed the partial implementation of the urban plan to allow progress in constructing the road, which will contribute to better accessibility to the Courthouse.


Photo: FB / Yiannis Kontos