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Lawyers΄ Association clears up ΄jungle΄ in front of Courthouse itself

Lawyers Association
29 Aug 2022 / 14:04

CORFU. Statement from Association President Yiannis Kontos.

They say that if you want something done, do it yourself - and Corfu Lawyers' Association Board did just that. It decided that it had waited long enough for the responsible authorities to do something and took matters into its own hands.

Photo: Yiannis Kontos

According to the statement released by Lawyers' Association President Yiannis Kontos, they came to the decision after having waited for a huge amount of time for the responsible authorities to clear the area.

Statement from Corfu Lawyers' Association President

The Lawyers Association has sent a written request to the responsible authorities for the 'jungle' in front of the Courthouse to be cleared (mainly for fire safety but also for aesthetic reasons). The necessary procedures, however, take a long time. So the board decided to clear up the area ourselves at our own expense and this is what we did this morning with a shredder.

We are now waiting for the authorities to send us a crawler in the coming days so that we can do an even better job. What we noticed was that after we had cleared the area it became quite noticeable how close the Courthouse is to the main road that we have been asking for it to connect to for the last ten years! We are lawyers, however, and if we can't achieve the obvious solution, we will find another. I would like to thank the Corfu Lawyers' Association Board and especially Kostas Vousolinos for his presence at the work carried out today.