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Spyros Neratzis

04 Sep 2023 / 10:21
Spyros Neratzis: "Does the event venue at Ag. Ekaterini have a permit?"

CORFU. Municipal Councillor Spyros Neratzis has requested that the documents be made available - Unclear response from the Municipal & Regional Theatre (DIPETHE).

21 Aug 2023 / 18:39
Spyros Neratzis: "Serious deficiencies in Vidos΄ fire safety"

CORFU. Most of the fire tool stations and fire hose cabinets are without equipment.

27 Mar 2023 / 19:11
Statement from Spyros Neratzis regarding NAOK signs in Gouvia summer camp

CORFU. On property owned by the Ministry of Employment, the legal operator of the premises did not take measures for information and safety of the area, but NAOK did and it even used its logo".

17 Jan 2023 / 10:04
Spyros Neratzis: Is the green space in Pagrateika to be used as car park?

CORFU. "Milling residue is being laid on the site whereas it is not allowed to use this material unprocessed - it should go to a recycling unit for processing."

25 Aug 2022 / 13:31
All Together for Corfu: Voluntary work on Vidos Island on Sunday

CORFU. The voluntary organisation sent a letter to Central Corfu Municipality regarding fire safety and sewage problems.

21 Jun 2022 / 19:54
More problems arise for Vidos shuttle service

CORFU. “If the shuttle services stop at 19:00, Vidos will be exclusively available to IKOS customers in the evening,” said Spyros Neratzis.

21 Jun 2022 / 11:58
Spyros Neratzis resigns from Vidos and Lazaretto roles

CORFU. Outcome of Monday΄s Municipal Council meeting and the postponement of urgent problems.

29 Apr 2022 / 18:54
Spyros Neratzis: Volunteerism on Vidos Island, part two!

CORFU. “The second part of volunteerism in Vidos Island started at the beginning of January 2022,” announced the Municipal Councillor for the island Spyros Neratzis.

04 Jan 2022 / 15:21
All Together for Corfu completes 3-month clean-up of Vidos Island

CORFU. Statement from Spyros Neratzis

03 Jan 2022 / 18:30
Corfu recycled 46 tons of clothing in 2021!

CORFU. How many tons of clothing and footwear were recycled last year.

24 Nov 2021 / 11:59
Nearly 9,000 items of clothing and linen given by Marbella for recycling

CORFU. These types of action help promote a culture of proper waste management and respect for the environment.

01 Nov 2021 / 14:54
Spyros Neratis: We΄ll continue recycling clothing until Municipality takes over

CORFU. ΄All Together for Corfu΄: We await the one who will continue the journey...

01 Sep 2021 / 15:49
21 tons of clothing sent for recycling in 8 months

CORFU. Following the announcement that the collection of clothing for recycling by volunteers will be stopping, Spyros Neratzis gave an account of the results to date.

31 Aug 2021 / 11:09
Spyros Neratzis announces end of voluntary recycling of clothing

CORFU. The head of “All Together for the Corfu Environment” Spyros Neratzis announced that the voluntary recycling of clothing and footwear, which has been extremely successful, will end on 26 September.

12 Jul 2021 / 16:09
Spyros Neratzis: “In 7 months we have buried more than 14,000 tons in Temploni”

CORFU. He tried to resolve his objections through the Decentralized Administration, which is asking the Association to respond to the questions of the “Kerkyra Psilla” party.

12 Jul 2021 / 14:48
Only the cafe will operate on Vidos Island, not the restaurant

CORFU. “The bad news is that in 2021 noone will be able to visit Vidos for food”, says Spyros Neratzis.

15 Jun 2021 / 14:29
Vidos Island shuttle service begins on Wednesday - with temporary arrangement

CORFU. The Department of Social Welfare, Education,Culture & Sport and the Municipal Councillor for Vidos and Lazareto have issued a statement.

02 Jun 2021 / 10:57
No summer camp on Vidos again this year - buck being passed from one service to the other

CORFU. The Central Corfu Municipal Council decided by a majority vote on Monday for the summer camp on Vidos Island not to go ahead this year either.