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Spyros Neratzis resigns from Vidos and Lazaretto roles

Spyros Neratzis
21 Jun 2022 / 11:02

CORFU. Outcome of Monday΄s Municipal Council meeting and the postponement of urgent problems.

The outcome of Monday's Municipal Council meeting and the postponement of urgent problems that Vidos is facing - the shuttle service and the restaurant - led Spyros Neratzis to resign from his role as responsible councillor for Vidos Island.

He told Enimerosi that there is a complete divergence of views between himself and the local authority. "The municipality maintains that decisions should be taken by the municipal services, whereas I believe that policy needs to be established which is then followed."

Spyros Neratzis' letter


The unequal treatment of Deputy Mayors and Councillors with Responsibility, the absurdity of judging the the Responsible Councillor and leader of Kerkyra Psila as being inadequate, the authoritarian, insulting and disparaging attitude of the Council President and his insistence on not bringing Vidos problems to the council meeting demonstrate the adoption of a different decision by the local authority.

The only reason I accepted the position of responsibility which you honoured me with at the beginning of the local authority's term of office was our joint desire to see Vidos continuing to benefit the local community, with community activities making use of its natural and cultural assets. A joint desire that the summer camps could operate, accessiility to the island with frequent shuttle services throughout the day and allowing all visitors to enjoy the restaurant and cafe.

Since 2021, we and everyone else involved (the shuttle contractor and the restaurant lessees) have informed you of all the difficulties and have requested solutions. Solutions that exist and which we have put forward, but the Council President and the local authority refuse to discuss them!

We disagree on the aims and on the finding of a solution. For us it is clear that they are political.

Without a continuous shuttle service and without the ability to serve all visitors at the restaurant and cafe, apart from reducing the number of visitors to Vidos, there is a danger that the summer camps and creative activity projects won't be able to operate.

We cannot have positions of responsibility without purpose!

At today's council meeting it was decided to pass the matter on to the municipal services and it is certain that the result will be the same decision that was taken in 2021! We will simply discuss it again in 2023...

Following our unsuccessful attempt today to discuss the matter at the council meeting and to take some immediate decisions regarding a smooth operation for the benefit of all visitors to Vidos Island and the operation of the the three summer camps and creativity projects:

I am handing in my resignation from the roles of responsibility for the islands of Vidos and Lazaretto, Voluntary Work Department and the board of the Stamatios Desyllas summer camp.

If the local authority and/or my replacement wish, I will, of course, assist voluntarily - as I have done up to now, anyway - to ensure a smooth transition for however long is required.

I thank you for the trust you showed in me.

Spyros Neratzis