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Spyros Neratzis: "Does the event venue at Ag. Ekaterini have a permit?"

Spyros Neratzis
04 Sep 2023 / 10:36

CORFU. Municipal Councillor Spyros Neratzis has requested that the documents be made available - Unclear response from the Municipal & Regional Theatre (DIPETHE).

The response of the President of the Municipal & Regional Theatre (DIPETHE) Corfu to the question posed by the municipal councillor and leader of the Kerkyra Psilla party, Spyros Neratzis, regarding the licensing of the municipal beach of Agia Ekaterini for events is unclear.

Furthermore, as he states in his announcement, an application from the President of DIPETHE was granted, referencing the fires in North Corfu, but with a date preceding them, an error that suggests the document was drafted "after the fact." The licensing also appears to have been granted solely by the Mayor's signature and not by the collective bodies.

Statement from Spyros Neratzis:

"The working conditions and safety of both artists and the audience at the events in Yialo depend on the diligent efforts and improvisation of the employees at DIPETHE and our Municipality, rather than compliance with the existing legislation.

The response from DIPETHE on 30/08/2023 to our inquiry on 03/08/2023 shows that, currently at least, there is no permit for the operation of the venue and performances. The required licence, which would ensure working conditions and safety, is not in place!

There is only a usage permit for the space, and even that bypasses all procedures, legality and collective bodies! Furthermore, in the document from the President of DIPETHE on 20/07/2023, there is mention of the fires in North Corfu, which occurred 3 days after the document was issued! ...on 23/07/2023!


So, either the President of DIPETHE should assist the Fire Department in predicting fires with her psychic abilities or should be more careful with the earlier dates used in public documents.

It is not politically correct for two such significant discrepancies to exist in two small public documents, totaling 7 lines:

  1. Referring to events on July 20, which happened 3 days later, on July 23, and
  2. Requesting a usage permit for July 28 or August 1 and granting a usage permit on July 30!


Spyros Neratzis"

The statement had the related documents attached: