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Fire Service

19 Jan 2024 / 12:10
Fire Service acquires vehicle specially equipped for earthquakes

CORFU. The vehicle is equipped with special gear, such as a geophone that provides additional search and rescue means.

16 Nov 2023 / 13:44
Fire Service training exercise at NAOK wall

CORFU. Firefighters are often called upon to rescue or free individuals who are in dangerous or inaccessible locations.

04 Aug 2023 / 17:59
Fire in Vraganiotika under control

CORFU. Fire broke out in Vraganiotika at 14:10, but it was brought under control.

04 Jul 2023 / 14:53
Woman trapped on rocks rescued by private boat

CORFU. She was taken safely to the beach.

15 May 2023 / 18:32
Fire Service exercise in Loutses

CORFU. Similar exercises were carried out in all the Regional Fire Departments of the country.

30 Jan 2023 / 10:33
Rotary Club presents awards to Fire Service ΄unsung heroes΄

CORFU. Corfu Rotary Club President Apostolos Kontoyiannis presented honorary diplomas and the club pennon to Fire Service officers.

07 Oct 2022 / 22:20
Mastoras Clinic donates water stretcher to Fire Service

CORFU. It is a specially designed stretcher suitable for both sea and land for the transfer of patients with multiple injuries.

22 Aug 2022 / 10:22
200 stremma of land burnt in Kouramaditika wildfire

CORFU. The wildfire which broke out in Kouramaditika near the Ropa Valley on Sunday evening is now receding.

03 May 2022 / 20:05
House fire in Garitsa

CORFU. Journalist Giorgos Andriotis, who inhaled smoke while trying to put out the fire, was taken to hospital.

29 Apr 2022 / 20:15
Fire Department’s guidelines for fire ban period

CORFU. The fire ban period begins on 1 May and ends on 31 October.

13 Apr 2022 / 11:04
Fire Service exercise in Old Town

CORFU. The Fire Service carried out an exercise this morning with a difficult scenario in the Old Town.

11 Apr 2022 / 21:57
Unpaid contractor abandons the project at Corfu Fire Department

CORFU. The representative of the contracting company Mr. Kouskos told ERT that he intends to abandon the project, as until 15 December 2021 he had only received €2,000 from the Ionian Islands Region for the work he had carried out in the building΄s basements.

04 Apr 2022 / 15:19
Fire Ban Period: Stiff fines for starting a fire

CORFU. Fire Chief: "Our focus is on information and prevention."

31 Mar 2022 / 12:32
Fire Service exercise at Corfu Naval Station

CORFU. The Fire Service carried out an exercise this morning.

15 Oct 2021 / 20:32
Firefighters and volunteers made superhuman efforts to save lives

CORFU. Firefighters and volunteer rescuers lived dramatic moments.

20 Aug 2021 / 13:58
Firefighters Union on the consequences of their colleagues΄ absence due to Covid-19

CORFU. We remain at the service of the community – our services exceed the prescribed working hours

19 Aug 2021 / 10:29
Man, 60, found dead in a well in Stroggili

CORFU. Achillion police officers rushed to the scene after being called by the man’s son, who had been looking for him for some time.

17 Aug 2021 / 12:03
Number of positive Covid cases in Fire Service now 6

CORFU. New positive Covid cases in Fire Service.