Sunday 03.03.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


07 Feb 2024 / 14:15
New FODSA Administrative Board elected today

CORFU. The new board was elected today at the Ionian Islands Regional Administration headquarters in Alykes Potamos.

06 Feb 2024 / 10:04
New FODSA Administrative Board to be elected tomorrow

CORFU. The three candidate consortia for the waste treatment plant in Corfu appealed to the Council of State against the decision of the Single Independent Authority for Public Contracts.

19 Jan 2024 / 12:58
Negative developments for Corfu waste treatment plant

CORFU. The Independent Authority for Pre-judicial Appeals has accepted the three objections of the interested groups of companies.

09 Jan 2024 / 10:04
FODSA to withhold payments to cover Ionian Islands municipal debts

CORFU. The Corfu Mayors point out that the payment presupposes reciprocity.

22 Nov 2023 / 11:02
Removal of waste bales from Mesorachi at a standstill

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Solid Waste Management Organisation (FODSA) awaiting additional funding to remove the last bales to the Palairo landfill.

19 Sep 2023 / 19:37
Tender for restoration of Temploni landfill proceeding

ARGOSTOLI (FODSA). 70%-80% of waste bales have been transported from the now inactive Lefkimmi landfill.

14 Sep 2023 / 12:07
FODSA΄s appeal for restoration of Temploni landfill accepted

CORFU. A temporary contractor for the waste management facility in Corfu will soon be appointed. The competition for the transportation of waste off the island for 1+1 years has been announced by Central Corfu Municipality.

04 Jul 2023 / 16:37
Restoration of Temploni landfill suspended until further notice

CORFU. The Court of Auditors has rejected the programmatic agreement between the Regional Authority and FODSA for the implementation of the project.

29 Mar 2023 / 23:47
Removal of waste bales from Lefkimmi landfill begins

CORFU. Work begins on Monday - The company assures that it will complete the work in two months.

13 Mar 2023 / 14:06
Solid Waste Management Organisations against Environment Ministry΄s legislation

CORFU. "FODSA is a public benefit and non-profit organisation - The proposal to set up a Regulatory Authority to oversee the market in a non-purchase sector is completely incomprehensible."

18 Feb 2023 / 11:05
Transportation of Corfu waste to Ioannina approved

IOANNINA. The Dodoni/Eleftherohori facility needs more waste. The residue will go to Elliniko landfill. €1.3m cost.

24 Nov 2022 / 00:14
Deadline for submission of tenders for Corfu waste management plant extended

CORFU. The new deadline for the submission of online tenders is 17 January 2023.

19 Oct 2022 / 18:04
Corfu waste management facility put out to tender

ATHENS. Minister for the Environment & Energy: "The tendering of the Corfu facility is one of the many ones for large infrastructure projects related to solid waste treatment in our country".

03 Oct 2022 / 11:17
Corfu Waste Management Facility now to cost €64m

CORFU. The operational specifications must be modernised in line with EU directives.

08 Sep 2022 / 22:56
Rodi Kratsa asks the Ministry of Interior to support FODSA

ATHENS. The financial burdens of the past exceed €5,500,000, while there are also new ones due to the non-payment by FODSA΄s member municipalities.

28 Jul 2022 / 15:15
Continued funding for waste management facility from next ESPA programme secured

CORFU. The seamless continuation of the tender process for Corfu Waste Management Facility has been secured.

27 Jun 2022 / 22:08
Corfu waste management facility to be put out to tender in mid-July

CORFU. Problems with the removal of waste bales from Lefkimmi - New contract between Ionian Islands Region and FODSA.

28 Feb 2022 / 20:40
Corfu waste management facility to be put out to tender again in two months

CORFU. According to the Solid Waste Management Organisation (FODSA) Director of Technical Services Theodoros Kardaris.