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WATT SA advances to next stage of competition for restoration of Temploni Landfill

22 Mar 2024 / 12:29

CORFU. The contract in its entirety has a completion time of six months from its signing.

The process for selecting the contractor responsible for the transportation and integration of solid and packaged waste within the cells of the Temploni Landfill from the site where the Corfu waste management facility will be constructed is currently underway.

The online unsealing of the two bids submitted in the tender through the ESPD system has already been conducted by the Procurement Committee of the Ionian Islands Solid Waste Management Body (FODSA) and the first documents for the service entitled "Damage Restorations - Disaster Relief and Hazard Removal in the Waste Management Facilities (Landfills) of the Regional Unit of Corfu" were approved by unanimous decision of the Board of Directors of the Body at its first meeting, under its new composition, on March 8th and were posted on the Transparency Portal a few days ago.

Based on the evaluation of participation documents and technical bids, in the next stage involving the opening of financial bids, the "ANONYMOUS COMPANY OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES & WASTE TRANSPORTATION (trading as 'WATT SA')" was selected to proceed, while the second candidate company for the project, "MEDITERRANEAN ANONYMOUS TECHNICAL COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY (trading as MEDITERRANEAN SA)", was disqualified due to deficiencies in the submitted documents.

It should be noted that both of these companies are participating as members of business associations in the tender for the construction project of the Corfu waste management facility, which, however, has been "frozen" since last December.

Initially, due to the submission of preliminary objections by all three interested business associations (each for its own reasons) to the Hellenic Council of State, which deemed them all admissible, and as a result, the economic entities subsequently appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court against the decision of the Independent Authority. The case will be adjudicated at the Supreme Administrative Court on the upcoming Tuesday, March 26th, and its decision, expected after approximately 30 days, will determine the fate of the tender.


Work to be carried out

Regarding the landfill restoration project, according to the announcement of the open online tender, the subject of the contract is the transportation and integration of 90,000 m3 of waste, of which 80,000 are unsorted and 10,000 are packaged, within the cells of the Corfu landfill, from the site designated for the construction of the Corfu Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant.

These had been temporarily deposited at various times in the past; however, since no action was taken for their removal, they eventually evolved into a long-standing open wound.

In parallel, within the framework of the project, works will be carried out to ensure the stability of the landfill relief for the environmental upgrade of the landfill. The contract in its entirety has a completion time of six months from its signing.

The project has secured funding of 1 million Euros from the credits of the Ministry of Interior's Public Investment Programme for Natural Disasters (Ballοs), as well as an environmental permit.