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Transportation of Corfu waste to Ioannina approved

waste management
18 Feb 2023 / 11:34

IOANNINA. The Dodoni/Eleftherohori facility needs more waste. The residue will go to Elliniko landfill. €1.3m cost.

At a meeting of the Compulsory Waste Management Association the planning contract for the transportation of 21,000 tons of waste to the waste management facility and Epirus landfill was approved. The cost comes to 65.25 cents per ton - a total of €1.3m plus VAT.

According to the information presented at a meeting of the Solid Waste Management Organisation (FODSA) by president Nikos Kalantzis, the facility received 86,000 tons of waste last year whereas it has a maximum capacity of 105,000 tons. At this time it has the capacity to receive waste from Corfu but when all the municipalities in Epirus decide to send their waste there for processing there will probably be a problem and a solution will nedd to be found.

Residue from Corfu will be sent to the landfills in Elliniko and Vlacherna but representatives from Arta Municipality voted against the latter as they say the capacity at Vlacherna landfill is already stretched.

The Central Corfu Mayor spoke at the meeting and described the difficult situation on the island has been in for some time and the steps that have been taken to resolve the problem.

The Association gave the go-ahead for the planning contract, which remains to be approved by the Central Corfu Municipal Council shortly.