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Removal of waste bales from Mesorachi at a standstill

South Corfu
22 Nov 2023 / 11:14

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Solid Waste Management Organisation (FODSA) awaiting additional funding to remove the last bales to the Palairo landfill.

The removal of 8,000 tons of waste bales from Mesorachi to the Palairos Landfill has been on hold in recent months, as the financial resources for the contract have been exhausted.

Up to now, 75% of the waste has been removed. However, to remove the remaining percentage, new funds must be granted. As highlighted by the outgoing Regional Governor and President of the Ionian Islands Solid Waste Management Organisation (FODSA), Rodi Kratsa, a request for additional funding has already been submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to complete the contractual obligations. 'We are awaiting approval from the Ministry to proceed with the removal of the remaining waste. To date, 75% of the total contract has been fulfilled,' she stated.

Work began in April

The contract for the removal of waste from the former Lefkimmi landfill to the Palairos Landfill, with a total budget of 468 thousand Euros (plus VAT), was signed on 29/03/23 by Ms. Kratsa and the contractor of the project, in the presence of the Mayor of South Corfu, Kostas Lessis.

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In early April, work began and it was estimated that within a period of two to three months, the area in Mesorachi would be cleared of the 8,000 tons of residues from Municipal Solid Waste processing, even though the contract duration extended to six months. However, as Ms. Kratsa told Enimerosi, the financial resources of the contract were depleted, and the removal of the waste stopped in the summer.

Restoration of area

According to the Deputy Mayor of Cleaning Services in South Corfu, Nikos Bogdos, once the last bales are removed from Mesorachi, the area will need to be restored. The Regional Governor also agrees with this.