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FODSA΄s appeal for restoration of Temploni landfill accepted

waste management
14 Sep 2023 / 12:29

CORFU. A temporary contractor for the waste management facility in Corfu will soon be appointed. The competition for the transportation of waste off the island for 1+1 years has been announced by Central Corfu Municipality.

The appeal submitted by FODSA in early August against the decision of the Audit Committee in July has been accepted. The subject of the appeal was the programmatic contract between the Ionian Islands Regional Authority and FODSA for the transportation and incorporation of solid and compacted waste within the cells of the Temploni landfill.

The project, which has secured funding of 1 million Euros as well as environmental approval, involves the complete restoration of the landfill. Specifically, it includes the sanitary burial of waste bales and waste within the cells of the Corfu landfill, the restoration of the topography and walls, the removal of waste from the site where the Corfu waste management facility will be built and the possibility of transporting any surplus compacted waste to Palairos.


The amount of 1 million Euros comes from the Special Disaster Relief Fund (PDE) of the Ministry of Environment and Energy for natural disasters (Ballos), with the Regional Authority as the recipient, as FODSA cannot be funded for this purpose. To this end, the two entities have entered into a programmatic agreement, allowing the Regional Authority to finance the project and FODSA to execute it.

However, initially, it was determined by the Deputy Commissioner of the Audit Committee in Corfu that the signing of the contract was impeded because the project should have been executed by the Regional Authority itself and not by the Agency.

FODSA then submitted an appeal, which was accepted, opening the way for the execution of the project. Moreover, according to reliable information, in the near future, the Agency is expected to announce the relevant competition for the selection of the contractor who will undertake the task of transporting and incorporating solid and compacted waste within the cells of the Corfu landfill, as well as the removal of waste from the site intended for the Corfu waste management facility.

Assessment of technical proposals

Meanwhile, the Evaluation Committee has completed the assessment of the technical proposals submitted by the three candidate consortiums for the construction of the Municipal Solid Waste Processing Unit in Corfu. The competent committee, which will convene next Monday, is very close to selecting a temporary contractor to carry out the much-anticipated project. The intention of the Ionian Islands Regional Waste Management Authority (FODSA) is to appoint the final contractor for the waste management facility well before the end of the current year, provided that the procedures proceed smoothly and there are no delays due to objections in the ensuing process.


Waste to continue to be taken off the island in 2024

However, until the ambitious project is implemented, the waste from Corfu will continue to be transported off the island at least for the next year.

In fact, just a few days ago, the Municipality of Central Corfu announced an online public international tender through ESIDIS for the operation of the Solid Waste Management System (SMAS) and the service of collection and transportation of municipal solid waste off the island for 1+1 years.

Interested parties can submit their bids until Tuesday, October 10th (2:30 p.m.), and theonline opening of bids will take place on Friday, October 13th (11:30 a.m.). The project is funded with own resources, with a budget expenditure of 3,664,609.20 Euros (including VAT) and a total optional value of 7,392,218.40 Euros (including VAT).