Police patrol cars in Erimitis - lawsuits filed against investment company for work carried out on wetlands

Police patrol cars in Erimitis - lawsuits filed against investment company for work carried out on wetlands

CORFU. Deforestation work being carried out these days in the Vromolimni wetlands has again set off alarm bells in the Erimitis protection groups.

Ιουλίου / 2021

The President of Erimitis Plus Association Dimitris Fatiras told Enimerosi that the work is being carried out in the basin for rainwater runoff at Vromolimni. He said that if the rainwater is cut off, only saltwater will run into the lake, killing off part of the wetland.

"Vromolimni is protected by the Presidential Decree for the protection and conservation of small island wetlands,"  says the Association. "The three lakes in the area are named in the Decree."

Latest developments

On Tuesday morning, the Association made a complaint and called the police. The police say that when they got there they didn't see any work going on without permission. "Residents are up against a police force that doesn't follow the proper procedures to protect citizens," says the Association.

"The police patrol car didn't go down as far as the lake," Mr Fatiras told Enimerosi. "The police said that one road had a chain across it and was private property and the other road wasn't accessible for vehicles."

Following this, lawsuits were filed at Karousades Police Station by the Association and a civil engineer from North Corfu Municipality by order of the Mayor.

"Work was carrying on today and we again called the police," said Dimitris Fatiras.

NCH representative's response

"At the present time, the road that will lead to the marina is being widened," said the investment company's representative Theodoros Pagratis in response. "All the work these last three months is being carried out with the permission of the Forestry Service and are clearly provided for in the Ministerial Decision."

When asked by Enimerosi about the question of the wetlands, Mr. Pagratis pointed out that all the issues have been arranged in the approved Environmental Study, which was drawn up by engineers and surveyors."It has been upheld by the Council of State and there is nothing illegal," he declared categorically.

It should be noted that 18 environmental organisations from 11 countries recently signed a letter to the Prime Minister requesting protection for wetlands.