Corfu MP Alekos Avlonitis: What does Mr.Gikas (ND MP) have to say about the abolishment of Ministry Department for Island Policy?

Corfu MP Alekos Avlonitis: What does Mr.Gikas (ND MP) have to say about the abolishment of Ministry Department for Island Policy?

CORFU. "The first examples of the new ΄normal΄ policies of the New Normal Government"

Ιουλίου / 2019

The newly-elected SYRIZA MP for Corfu criticised the new Government's first steps 24 hours before the official oath-taking in Parliament.

The 'normal' government which is going to restore 'normality' to Greece.

Nea Dimokratia (ND) is now in government. Their much-lauded 'normality' is going to be restored to public life. Only they are 'normal' and those previously in government become werewolves with the full moon!!!

Let's take a look at how 'normal' they are, however!!!

1. Right from the start the new government immediately recognised Guaido as the 'normal' President of Venezuela. Thus we, as a state, have intervened in the internal affairs of another country.

2. The first signature of the 'normal' Minister for Employment Mr. Vrutsis was to withdraw the provision of AMKA to third country nationals - violating international law and human rights and risking public health as these people will no longer have free access to our hospitals. These people may have infectious diseases. Do you think I'm exaggerating? Do you think we should maybe just get rid of them? (Please note, this has nothing to do with my views on immigration policy in Greece - it is simply to do with how we, as a normal civilised nation, treat our fellow humans even if they are from a third country).

3. The new Deputy Minister for Employment considered that it was acceptable to call those who fought against the Junta 'mad' (my sarcastic interpretation) as she said they were mentally ill. Why did she say that? Only a 'normal' God knows.

4. In the middle of the summer academic asylum has been abolished even though everyone knows that police can enter university property without permission from the dean if there is a serious crime. The curious thing is that the most serious offences take place outside the universities not inside and yet I've never seen crimes being tackled outside the universities. (I will say more about this subject when the relevant legislation is brought to Parliament).

5. The abolishment of the Ministry for Island Policy, which our islands were a part of during the SYRIZA Government, and the probable downgrading to a General Secretariat. This is a major issue which needs to be discussed in Parliament and the island authorities, organisations and businesses need to respond. We also need to know the position of Corfu's ND MP Mr. Gika on the matter.

These are a few brief examples of the first new 'normal' policies of the New Normal Government.