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traffic police

27 Dec 2023 / 11:29
199 driving offences in Ionian Islands over Christmas period

CORFU. There were 1,667 police checks on vehicles.

23 Oct 2023 / 13:22
76 arrests by Ionian Islands Traffic Police in September

CORFU. 72 were for not having a drivers licence and four for driving under the influence.

23 Jun 2023 / 18:36
Meropi Ydraiou and Corfu Police agree on special traffic regulations in summer

CORFU. In order to better serve the public in the coming months of increased tourism.

25 Apr 2023 / 21:51
School trips: Fines for exceeding bus drivers΄ working hours

CORFU. Tourist agencies are having second thoughts as to whether Corfu will remain in the destinations of choice next year.

13 Apr 2023 / 11:33
Space freed up for parking at Garitsa Park

CORFU. All available police officers will be on duty to ensure that the special traffic regulations over Easter are implemented.

12 Apr 2023 / 00:54
All traffic measures and parking areas available for Easter

CORFU. Parking spaces at National Sports Centre, Garitsa Cemetery and Corfu Port - Free shuttle buses to Corfu Town.

12 Jan 2023 / 13:31
8 arrests and 190 driving offences in Ionian Islands

CORFU. Police spot checks were carried out in the Ionian Islands with 190 driving offences and 8 arrests.

02 Jan 2023 / 11:49
161 driving offences in Ionian Islands - 82 considered dangerous

CORFU. 1,076 checks were carried out on vehicles with 161 driving offences, 82 of which were considered dangerous.

27 Dec 2022 / 13:34
Traffic police checks in Ionian Islands over Christmas

CORFU. 948 checks were carried out.

10 Oct 2022 / 19:46
Corfu Traffic Police recommends that bollards remain at NAOK

CORFU. The known plastic bollards were placed in the summer as a measure against traffic that is quite heavy in this area.

12 Sep 2022 / 09:44
Significant drop in number of road accidents in Ionian Islands in August

CORFU. There were 14 this year compared to 33 in the same month last year.

14 Jun 2022 / 12:31
Nisi Gerekou, Kontokali - Plastic bollards to be replaced by metal barrier

CORFU. Corfu Traffic Police tell the Regional Authority of the need for a metal barrier.

27 Apr 2022 / 11:44
Traffic police out in force over Easter

CORFU. 3,059 checks carried out.

19 Apr 2022 / 14:49
Traffic measures in Corfu Town for Easter

CORFU. Special measures from Holy Wednesday (20/4) until Easter Saturday (23/4).

08 Feb 2022 / 13:51
January data for road accidents and driving offences in Ionian Islands

CORFU. The figures for January 2022 have been released regarding road accidents and driving offences in the Ionian Islands.

14 Oct 2021 / 13:05
Road flooded in Benitses - wall collapses

CORFU. The main Giros-Achilleio road and Kerkyra-Lefkimmi road are closed to traffic between Perama and Benitses with traffic police taking emergency measures.

04 Oct 2021 / 14:58
Driver and two motorcyclists arrested for road races in Gouvia

CORFU. Traffic police came down heavily on 7 drivers and motorcyclists early on Sunday morning - Total of 34 offences.

22 Sep 2021 / 14:56
Corfu Town historic centre closed to traffic this Sunday

CORFU. Central Corfu Municipality is taking part in European Mobility Week.