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Nisi Gerekou, Kontokali - Plastic bollards to be replaced by metal barrier

14 Jun 2022 / 12:48

CORFU. Corfu Traffic Police tell the Regional Authority of the need for a metal barrier.

The Regional Authority is going to place a central metal barrier on the main road at Sotiriotissa at the junction with the road leading to Nisi Gerekou. This is considered to be the only solution to prevent accidents at the spot. In practice it has been demonstrated that wherever there is such a barrier fatal accidents have been almost completely eliminated.

The H2W1 metal barrier will replace the plastic bollards in the centre of the road from outside Paramythoupoli to the Sotiriotissa bend. This follows a request sent by Corfu Traffic Police on 17 May.

Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure and Technical Works Manolis Orphanoudakis told Enimerosi that the barrier has already been ordered by the Regional Technical Works Department and the contractor has been told to go ahead with the work once it arrives. "There are road accidents all the time and drivers ignore the bollards to turn across the road," he said.


The plastic bollards were placed there in March 2020 in an effort to enforce the double line in the middle of the road but the Traffic Police says that they are constantly being violated and there have been a large number of accidents at the spot, with drivers ignoring them by turning there and putting themselves and others in danger just to avoid going as far as the Kontokali junction to tuen.

Right from when they were first placed there, the bollards have been damaged and there are spots where they have been completely destroyed or removed.

According to Mr. Orphanoudakis, the central barrier will be put up until a roundabout is constructed at Sotiriotissa at the Eth.Paleokastritsa and Kontokali road junction - at approximately the 6km spot on the main road.

The construction of the roundabout is at the planning stage at the moment along with the roundabouts at Tria Gefiria and Ekati.