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shore road

12 Jun 2024 / 09:03
Work on Garitsa shore road resumes

CORFU. Traffic regulations are coming soon on Dimokratias Avenue from the Desyllas factory to Anemomylos, with one-way traffic on the road.

06 Mar 2024 / 14:12
Deputy Regional Governor gives reassurances regarding suspension of work on Garitsa shore road

CORFU. The contractor exercised his rights due to an unpaid bill of 13,616 Euros.

23 Jan 2024 / 16:26
Deputy Regional Governor updated on progress of Garitsa shore road works

CORFU. The desire of the regional authority for the fastest and highest-quality possible completion of the work was stressed to the contractor.

16 Nov 2023 / 18:02
Work on Garitsa shore road to be completed within 8 months

CORFU. What are the traffic regulations that will be in effect for the execution of the project. Inspection by Kratsa and Orphanoudakis.

29 Sep 2023 / 20:53
Garitsa shore road to be granted to Central Corfu Municipality in October

CORFU. The amendment of the General Secretariat of Public Property is ready for submission to the Parliament.

14 Sep 2023 / 12:09
Contractor begins work on shore road

CORFU. Special traffic measures will shortly be implemented.

09 Aug 2023 / 15:37
Contract for restoration of Garitsa shore road to be signed tomorrow

CORFU. The Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa will sign the contract along with the company undertaking the work.

28 Jul 2023 / 21:05
Court of Auditors finally says ‘yes’ to repair of Garitsa shore road

CORFU. Deputy Regional Governor M. Orphanoudakis: The Regional Authority΄s intention is to start the repair work after 15 August.

11 Oct 2022 / 22:26
Temporary successful bidder for the Garitsa shore road

CORFU. The contract will be signed next year, provided that no problems arise.

07 Sep 2022 / 18:51
Garitsa shore road put out to tender again

CORFU. This time with an open procedure, since the previous procedure was rejected by the Court of Auditors.

22 Aug 2022 / 21:24
Court of Auditors says ‘no’ to repair of Garitsa shore road

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Regions is looking for a solution in order to repair the 500m section that has been left on the Garitsa shore road, as it could cause accidents to passers-by.

06 Jun 2022 / 19:23
Work on Garitsa shore road in danger of being stopped

CORFU. There is not much time left for the repair of the Garitsa shore road. The exemption from the environmental conditions, which was the main obstacle when it came to the implementation of the project, will expire on 20 June.

19 Nov 2021 / 21:23
Work on Garitsa shore road cannot start until the Environment Ministry’s decision

CORFU. Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure & Technical Works Manolis Orphanoudakis: “By the end of 2021 the project will be put out to tender.”

04 Dec 2020 / 11:28
Garitsa shore road closed due to flooding

CORFU. The sea level has risen and there is nowhere for the water to go other then onto the shore road - something that didn΄t use to happen before the sea wall was repaired!