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Work on Garitsa shore road to be completed within 8 months

16 Nov 2023 / 18:50

CORFU. What are the traffic regulations that will be in effect for the execution of the project. Inspection by Kratsa and Orphanoudakis.

The restoration of the Garitsa shore road from Desyllas factory to Anemomylos is expected to be completed within 8 months, weather permitting.

The first time-consuming phase that involved detailed mapping of the area and recording of the stones, with which the contractor started the work, is nearing completion, while stones from the seabed will be used to build the new wall. Traffic regulations will then be in effect in the area for the execution of the project.

The progress of the work being carried out was overseen on Thursday morning by the Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa and the Deputy Regional Governor for Technical Works and Infrastructure Manolis Orphanoudakis.

"Work is already underway. The plates that were blocking the excavation and the inner wall have been removed. We hope that the work will proceed as soon as possible, weather permitting, to avoid having delays in winter. However, since the study and contract approvals were made by the Court of Auditors, erosion has occurred and we hope that there will not be any weather phenomena to make the situation in the area worse. Next, we will examine the platform which is missing stones that are in the sea," said Rodi Kratsa.

As she said, this is a complex project and important for the safety of the pavement, the road and the platform and its completion is a goal for the outgoing Regional Authority.


Traffic regulations during the holidays

According to the timeline, the traffic regulations already approved by the Traffic Police will come into effect during the holidays, as Manolis Orphanoudakis pointed out.

One lane will be closed on Dimokratias Ave. and the shore road will be made one-way from Anemomylos to Desylla (as an entrance to the town), in order for the work to progress without any problems.

"We want the weather to be on our side as it is very important for such a project, which is carried out in the countryside", said the Deputy Regional Governor.

The project, which is being carried out under the supervision of the Corfu Inspectorate of Antiquities, is essentially the continuation of the project that had previously been carried out at NAOK and is done with the same study.

"In places where the platform has been damaged by the weather phenomena, it is planned to pick up the stones from the sea and reinstall them. However, we believe that we will not be able to find them all. The study does provide for the placement of new processed stones. This is one of the works. The other work is to strengthen the platform with reinforced concrete. The holes that have been created will be closed. The plates will then be reinstalled according to the plan after mapping," said the construction worker Alekos Kaloyiannis.

The project, with a budget of €995,000, has to be delivered in 8 months. However, since erosion is an ongoing phenomenon, work will be carried out in sections in order to examine problematic areas and reassess them. Once the project is completed, the shore road as a whole will be restored.