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Garitsa shore road to be granted to Central Corfu Municipality in October

29 Sep 2023 / 20:40

CORFU. The amendment of the General Secretariat of Public Property is ready for submission to the Parliament.

The Deputy Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Yannis Pappas, in response to a question posed by Enimerosi, announced from Corfu that the amendment for the concession of the Garitsa shore road to the Central Corfu Municipality will be filled in October.

The amendment, which is expected to resolve a case that remains unresolved for years, is already ready to be submitted to the Parliament next month in order to be put to a vote.

As the Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas explained, the General Secretary of Public Property Nagia Kollia has prepared the amendment to be introduced in one of the upcoming bills to be introduced in Parliament.

"Mr. Gikas, who was personally responsible for it, has succeeded and is moving forward with it. We promise that it will be done," Mr. Pappas said, noting that it is an issue that concerns the local community.

According to Mr. Gikas, the concession had not proceeded until now due to legal difficulties, which have now been resolved.

The Garitsa shore road that belonged to the Corfu Port Authority was declassified and passed to the Land Agency (Ministry of Finance) in order to be given later to the Municipality, with a special provision for NAOK. However, the case has not progressed since then. The Deputy Finance Minister Apostolos Vesiropoulos had said that the main issue was the clarification of the legal status of the shore road, especially in the area of Spilia.

However, if the amendment for the concession of the shore road is passed, the Municipality will be able to undertake a series of initiatives and actions related to the exploitation of the coastal area for the benefit of the citizens and visitors, while NAOK, one of the oldest sports clubs in Greece, will have a permanent home.