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13 Oct 2023 / 14:56
11-year-old and 16-year-old rob Kanalia cafe/bar

CORFU. Their mother was arrested for neglecting their supervision.

26 Aug 2023 / 12:12
Man arrested for robbery and illegal possession of weapons

CORFU. The man was taken to appear before the Corfu Prosecutor.

18 May 2023 / 11:15
Two arrested for retail burglaries

CORFU. They stole from prperties in Kontokali, Tzavros and Skripero. An accomplice is still being sought.

31 Jan 2023 / 15:09
Thieves robbed three businesses and stole a car in space of just a few hours

CORFU. A 23-year-old man has been arrested and his 31-year-old accomplice is being sought.

21 Dec 2022 / 12:55
Man who robbed Sotiriotissa mini market at knifepoint caught

CORFU. Sources say that police were able to identify the perpetrator with DNA analysis.

24 Nov 2022 / 10:54
Robbery at knifepoint in Sotiriotissa mini market.

CORFU. This was the same mini market where a crazed man had threatened the owner just the other week.

18 Jul 2022 / 13:54
Two arrested in Kavos for robbing Corfu Town taverna

CORFU. They broke into a taverna and stole drinks worth €300.

15 Jul 2022 / 14:47
Two women arrested for robbing tourist΄s room in Kavos

CORFU. They broke in through a window and stole cards, personal items and clothes.

02 Jul 2022 / 14:02
Two arrested for North Corfu mini-market robberies

CORFU. Five robberies in two days, stealing goods to the value of €1,165.

04 Jul 2021 / 11:12
Man accused of pawn shop armed robbery remanded in custody

CORFU. The man arrested for armed robbery at a pawn shop in Corfu Town appeared before the Public Prosecutor yesterday.

02 Jul 2021 / 14:10
Pawn shop armed robber arrested

CORFU. The robber, whose face was covered, threatened the shopowner in Corfu Town with a gun and took €3,000 in cash plus jewelry.

02 Jul 2021 / 13:40
Police searching for man who robbed pawn shop

CORFU. Latest update.

02 Jul 2021 / 09:53
Armed robbery in Corfu Town

CORFU. There was a robbery at a pawn shop near the old Psychiatric Clinic at around 20:30 on Thursday night.

07 Jan 2021 / 15:36
Two women and a man arrested for robbing elderly woman

CORFU. Some of the money was recovered and returned to the victim.

02 Jun 2020 / 10:36
Kiosk thieves΄ getaway car overturns!

CORFU. After robbing a kiosk in Alepou the two thieves΄ getaway didn΄t go quite as planned - they lost control of the car and it overturned! They managed to run off before police arrived.

05 Jan 2018 / 08:37
Two women caught trying to rob three houses

CORFU. Two Greek women tried to sneak into three houses in Corfu Town to steal whatever they could find.