Saturday 22.06.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


10 Apr 2024 / 14:32
Following completion of harbour basin, work to proceed with flood prevention measures in Spilia

CORFU. By June 30th, the reinforcement of the harbour basin will have been completed. Trepeklis and Mamalos inspected the marina at Café Yiali.

25 Feb 2024 / 11:01
Three young men arrested for causing damage to cars in Spilia

CORFU. Another person is still being sought by police.

10 Feb 2024 / 11:23
Construction of pumping station and discharge pipeline in Spilia

CORFU. If it were the Pope, we would be talking about white smoke. However, a solution to the problem with flooding in Spilia has been pending for about a quarter of a century, and the smoke is coming out of the ears of the residents every time it rains. Friday΄s meeting was about consensus and unanimity regarding what needs to be done. Here΄s hoping!

20 Dec 2023 / 09:03
Spilia anti-flooding project being put back

CORFU. The Regional Technical Services Department is proposing to exclude the sub-project from the Marina contract. Strong response from DIADEYADK.

01 Nov 2023 / 09:28
Heavy rainfall causes problems yet again

CORFU. Spilia flooded yet again - Power outages

24 Oct 2023 / 15:58
No light at the end of the tunnel showing for anti-flood work in Spilia

CORFU. No timeline for the project that will save an entire area from the well-known problems that occur during heavy rainfall.

14 Jun 2023 / 12:16
A lot of talk but very little action on flood protection work in Spilia

CORFU. Even this summer, no work is expected to be carried out despite the promises that the project would be executed during the winter.

27 Jan 2023 / 21:54
11 months left to complete construction of Spilia Marina

CORFU. The port and land work started with a significant delay, while the flood protection work has not yet started.

02 Oct 2022 / 11:40
After seven months work still hasn΄t begun on Spilia Marina

CORFU. The Regional Authority says the delay is due to permission procedures.

07 Jun 2022 / 22:48
Work at Spilia Marina proceeding at snail’s pace

CORFU. Enimerosi visited the area – Construction work started a few days ago, while harbour work is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.

14 Feb 2022 / 18:19
Contract for completion of tourist harbour in Spilia signed today

CORFU. The schedule for the completion of the long-awaited project is tight.

25 Jun 2021 / 10:56
Interest from investors in the former KTEL bus station building in Spilia

CORFU. There has been interest from investors recently in the former KTEL bus station property in Spilia.

16 Mar 2021 / 12:18
Spilia Marina will bring new life to area says Deputy Regional Governor

CORFU. "The work in Spilia will contribute significantly to the much-needed recovery in the area and increase its value," said Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure Manolis Orfanoudakis.

11 Mar 2021 / 11:48
Spilia Marina development moving forward

CORFU. The work has remained half-finished for years due to the incomplete initial studies.

01 Feb 2021 / 10:35
Water torrent almost blocks road in Troumpeta

CORFU. Spilia was flooded yet again due to the problematic drainage system. Floodwater had to be pumped out in Kanalia due to the heavy downpour.

18 Jan 2021 / 12:59
Rapid tests in Spilia on 22 and 25 January

CORFU. Organised by the Corfu branch of the Hellenic Red Cross in collaboration with EODY.

30 Dec 2020 / 15:33
Central Corfu Municipal Council votes unanimously to keep car parks at open-air market and in Spilia

CORFU. Central Corfu Municipal Council voted unanimously not to get rid of the car parks at the open-air market and in Spilia at Tuesday΄s Council meeting.

13 Oct 2020 / 12:50
Why is Spilia flooded every year?

CORFU. Corfu yet again suffered the seemingly inevitable flooding on Monday. Especially in Spilia, where the drains overflow even with less rain.