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11 months left to complete construction of Spilia Marina

Spilia Marina
27 Jan 2023 / 20:39

CORFU. The port and land work started with a significant delay, while the flood protection work has not yet started.

The work for the construction of the Spilia Marina, which had remained bogged down for a long time, has finally begun. The project has a strict deadline for completion in 31 December 2023.
Although the contract for the project was signed on 14 February 2022, the project actually started just a short while ago. At the beginning of the summer, only the cleaning up of the shops and the dismantling and removal of roofs and plasterwork had been carried out. However, there has been a delay by the regional authority in starting the land and port work.
The Region also made verbal and written appeals to the contractor to start the work, reminding them of their contractual obligation to complete and deliver the project by 31 December 2023, otherwise there will be penalties which will affect the total cost.
The Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa, together with the Deputy Regional Governors for Corfu and Infrastructure Kostas Zorbas and Manolis Orphanoudakis, inspected the area and she was informed about the progress of the work.
As Mrs. Kratsa told Enimerosi, the dredging work has been completed, so that afterwards the work for the extension of the leeward quay can be carried out immediately. At the same time, repair work to reinforce the buildings that support the Donzelot St. will also begin. "If the project had started a few months earlier, as we expected, we would now be in a better state. The contractor started late because they had a project in Igoumenitsa and they had to finish it so that they could bring their machinery here. We hope they will also understand their contractual obligation and speed it up," she said.
Flood protection work
The flood protection work, which involves the construction of the outlet that will channel the Spilia rainwater into the sea and not into the port basin, has not yet begun.
"This sub-project needs to be carried out immediately and we are putting pressure on the contractor to start it. However, it is a difficult project. The pipe will run along the entire parking area and the water will end up in the sea," Mr. Orphanoudakis said.
However, the completion of this project will provide a permanent solution against the flooding that Spilia faces during every heavy rainfall.
80 berths
It is worth noting that the project for the completion of the Spilia Marina has a budget of €9.7m and includes the required infrastructure works in order to make it safe, operational, competitive enough to attract visitors to the 80-berth marina.