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Following completion of harbour basin, work to proceed with flood prevention measures in Spilia

10 Apr 2024 / 14:21

CORFU. By June 30th, the reinforcement of the harbour basin will have been completed. Trepeklis and Mamalos inspected the marina at Café Yiali.

Ionian Islands Regional Governor Yiannis Trepeklis stated that work on the flood prevention project in Spilia will begin following the completion of the harbour basin, in response to a question from Enimerosi.

The Regional Governor, accompanied by the Deputy Regional Governor for Technical Works and Planning, Giorgos Mamalos, as well as staff from the Technical Services, conducted an inspection on Wednesday morning to monitor the progress of the works at the marina at Café Yiali.

He said that the study for the project in Spilia is ready, DEYAK has agreed, and we are awaiting final approval from Corfu Port Authority, which is the main authority for the marina project and its operation and maintenance. "This is also an important and challenging project, and of course, to achieve the final environmental result, DEYAK will need to address any potential issues within the wider area to ensure the optimal separation of stormwater and sewage, so they do not enter the main outfall pipeline," Mr. Trepeklis said.

He added that the flood prevention project will not delay the rest of the harbour construction, which the Regional Authority is obligated to complete within a short timeframe and that relocating the pipeline to the sea aims to prevent any potential issues from harming the marina's image.

"We are ready to start the project in Spilia after completing the port basin," he said.

The issue at hand, however, is that it concerns an area with increased traffic during the summer, and the tourist season for 2024 has already begun. When asked by Enimerosi, Mr. Trepeklis limited his response to stating that "Everything will be done because when you see the construction site progressing, it means that the project will be completed within the appropriate time frame."

He added that it is not mandatory for the flood prevention sub-project to be delivered along with the main project, the harbour. "The one project will be constructed simultaneously once the basin is completed, and the construction of the pumping station is in the background, where it can progress without disrupting the ongoing construction activities in the area of the harbour basin and the broader construction site, where the shops are, and work is already underway," he commented.

By 30 June

Regarding the harbour project, Mr. Trepeklis expressed his satisfaction, stating that the work is progressing at the required pace to be completed within the schedule, and the flow of financing is stable.

The windward jetty is already visible to the naked eye, where work is in full swing for its completion. "By June 30th, the reinforcement of the harbour basin will have been completed," Mr. Trepeklis said. "If there is a slight delay, it will be related to the buildings, the shops, where there is also supervision by the Archaeology Service and it cannot proceed so quickly. What matters is for Corfu Port Authority to proceed with the leasing of the shops afterwards, to quickly put the marina into operation and bring about the financial results that we all expect in the wider area of the Municipality. Marinas in the Ionian have great potential and a significant imprint."

The floating docks for boats to moor are already within the construction site and are  expected to be installed in the near future, while work is also underway to restore the buildings of the old ticket offices, in order to make them functional and put them into use.

The project

The project for the completion of the marina in Spilia, amounting to €9,700,000, was tendered in March 2021 and contracted between the Ionian Islands Regional Authority and the contractor, TOMI ABETE, on February 14, 2022.

The main authority and operator of the project is Corfu Port Authority, which also assumes financial participation with €693,055.70. The beneficiary and implementing authority of the project is the Ionian Islands Regional Authority.

The project includes the necessary infrastructure works to make the marina in Spilia safe, operational, competitive, and attractive to potential users.

The harbour works include the extension of the windward jetty by 160 metres to protect the harbour basin from all types of wind and to create safe and comfortable mooring conditions.

The provision and installation of floating docks for boat mooring, hydraulic works, construction works for the renovation of the old ticket offices, electromechanical works for boat service networks (provision of electricity, water, and telecommunications), firefighting networks, etc., are also foreseen, as well as the restoration of the drainage area in Spilia, as part of flood management efforts in the area when there is heavy rainfall.