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Contract for completion of tourist harbour in Spilia signed today

14 Feb 2022 / 18:03

CORFU. The schedule for the completion of the long-awaited project is tight.

The tourist harbour for leisure boats in Spilia (Cafe Yiali) in Corfu Old Town is finally becoming a reality after years of waiting, as the contract with the contractor for the completion of the project was signed this afternoon.

The contract was signed by the Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa and the contractor in the presence of the OLKE management and the local authorities, as the last act in a long-awaited project, which remained incomplete for years.  

Tight project schedule
Mrs. Kratsa said at a special ceremony held at Cafe Yiali that the tourist harbour will be a modern and safe cultural and development project, which will add value to the area for the benefit of both residents and visitors.
She also pointed out that the schedule is tight and they must keep to it, as the project must be completed by December 2023. Otherwise, there will be a fiscal adjustment with an increase on the project’s total cost.

Both the Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure & Technical Works Manolis Orphanoudakis and the Corfu Port Authority Managing Director Spyros Zervopoulos referred to the utility of the project, while the representative of the contracting company assured for the completion of the project on schedule.
The total budget for its implementation is €9,700,000 (including VAT), of which the public expenditure is €9,006,944 (from the Operational Programme ‘Ionian Islands 2014-2020’), while the private participation (OLKE) is €693,055. The developer of the project and the operating and maintenance body is OLKE, which is also responsible for the financial contribution of €693,055. The Ionian Islands Region is responsible for the project.
What work is included in the project
The project includes the required infrastructure work in order to make the tourist harbour in Spilia safe, functional, competitive and attractive for potential users, while enhancing and protecting the existing buildings, which are part of the area’s history.
Work included in the project:
- Extension of the leeward jetty by 160m to protect the harbour from all kinds of winds and create safe and comfortable conditions for berthing
- Floating piers for vessels to dock
- Hydraulic and construction work for the renovation of the old ticket offices in order to make them functional and put them into use
- Electromechanical work for the vessel service networks (electricity, water and telephone supply), firefighting networks, etc.
- Provision of solution for the sewage outflow in Spilia


With banners
The island’s local authorities and a delegation of the Corfu Old Town Permanent Residents Association were also present at the special ceremony for the signing of the contract, following an invitation from the Ionian Islands Region. The residents asked, with a banner that had been put up at Mourayia, that not a single parking space be lost following the completion of the project.

The idea of creating a tourist harbour for leisure boats in Spilia emerged in the 1990s following the relocation of the KTEL bus station from the area, so that the latter would not be economically destroyed. Years passed and, finally, in June 2006 the first phase of the project was included in the ESPA 2007-2012 Programme, where harbour and electromechanical work had been carried out.
However, the tourist harbour could not be completed, due to shortcomings and failures of the initial studies, which resulted in the project budget increasing, but without having the required funding being available. Thus, only a small part of the project had been completed by 2016.
The previous Regional Authority brought back the project on 28 February 2019, committing €9,7 million. The project was finally included in the ESPA ‘Ionian Islands 2014-2020’ Programme on 30 April 2020 by decision of the current Regional Governor. In March 2021 it had been put out to tender and following the completion of the objections, the project was contracted today.