Saturday 22.06.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

Construction of pumping station and discharge pipeline in Spilia

Από την σύσκεψη που κάλεσε ο αντιπεριφερειάρχης Τ.Υ., παρουσία του δημάρχου και των εμπλεκομένων
10 Feb 2024 / 11:04

CORFU. If it were the Pope, we would be talking about white smoke. However, a solution to the problem with flooding in Spilia has been pending for about a quarter of a century, and the smoke is coming out of the ears of the residents every time it rains. Friday΄s meeting was about consensus and unanimity regarding what needs to be done. Here΄s hoping!

The good news stems from the promise made by those involved in the construction of the marina in Spilia, combined with the resolution of the hydraulic problem, which causes the area to flood every time it rains!

The meeting was convened by Deputy Regional Governor Mamalos, and those attending were Central Corfu mayor Poulimenos, deputy mayor for Technical Works Kardonas, the managing director of the port, Spyros Zervopoulos, the contractors for the marina and the pipeline, technicians from the DEYAK , and other officials.

The aspects of the problem, as described, are at least two: the technical/hydraulic aspect and the financial aspect.


Regarding the first aspect, the technicians involved agreed on the necessity of water drainage in the area. For this purpose, a pumping station will be constructed along with pipelines (with a diameter of two metres or more), which will discharge the contents offshore, outside the small harbour.

Both the mayor and the deputy regional governor, as well as the representative of Corfu Port Authority, gave assurances that funding is secured, despite the expiration of the programme period, as the contribution to the project's accounts from the OLKE/TAIPED participation is pending, amounting to approximately 700k Euros.

As for the completion time, the meeting concluded with the most optimistic forecast, given that all the necessary data are available, including the agreement of the involved parties. The project continues to be supervised by the Ionian Islands Regional Technical Services, with the assistance of DEYAK regarding the flood prevention aspect.