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No light at the end of the tunnel showing for anti-flood work in Spilia

24 Oct 2023 / 14:58

CORFU. No timeline for the project that will save an entire area from the well-known problems that occur during heavy rainfall.

The anti-flooding project in the Spilia area, the construction of which is expected to provide a definitive solution to the flooding issues that occur during heavy rainfall, remains at a standstill

Although the contracted work for the construction of the marina in Spilia is in progress, the sub-project within it, recognised as vital for the area, has not yet begun, and there is currently no specific timeline for its execution.

This time, the delay, according to the Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure and Technical Works, Manolis Orfanoudakis, is due to discrepancies found in relation to the project's study, necessitating modifications to the hydraulic study.

Meanwhile, a difficult winter has passed, during which residents and businesses faced the familiar flooding incidents. Now they are praying that it won't rain as much this year, so they won't see their properties covered by rushing water again.

"Some discrepancies were found in relation to the project's study, and we expect some modifications to be made so that the flood control project can be executed," Mr. Orfanoudakis told Enimerosi. "This is why amendments are being made to the hydraulic study. This difficulty arose in early summer. The contractor informed the Regional Authorities, and we, along with the DEYAK, are currently waiting to have a clearer picture."

Let's start the project

The flood control project involves the construction of a comprehensive conduit that will channel the rainwater from Spilia deep into the sea rather than into the harbour basin. The study was prepared by DEYAK, and later the construction was incorporated into the marina project in Spilia.

"We've been waiting for this project like manna from heaven to solve Spilia's problem," Vasilis Argyros, a member of DEYAK's Board of Directors, told Enimerosi. "So far, despite having nagged them many times to start it because there's a problem in winter, no matter how much we clean the drains, two summers in which they promised us it would be ready have passed, and it's still not done. Projects are planned on paper, and sometimes practical issues arise in everyday life. However, that doesn't say anything. Let's start the project with the initial work, and then we can address the problems that arise step by step."

Yacht marina

As for the progress of the Skafon Tourist Shelter project, according to Mr. Orfanoudakis, it is progressing very well.

"We are in the phase of backfilling," the Deputy Regional Governor for Infrastructure and Technical Works said. "The static reinforcement of the old ticket booths has been completed, and the interior is being configured. Simultaneously with the configuration, the electromechanical work is also advancing. Regarding the marine aspect, the excavations have been completed, and the installation of riprap and the protection of the underwater pier have begun. I believe the project will be completed by the end of 2023. The project will then be handed over to Corfu Port Authority."

The total budget for the project amounts to 9.7 million Euros. The contract was signed on 14-02-2022; however, the initial work started with a significant delay, almost six months later.