Thursday 18.07.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


24 May 2024 / 08:27
Parking spaces at Corfu Airport - at last!

CORFU. The airport will close again after the end of the season for the continuation of the runway and adjacent zone reconstruction works.

15 May 2024 / 16:11
76,000 international passenger arrivals at Corfu Airport in April

CORFU. There was an increase in passenger traffic and international arrivals last month, according to the official data from Fraport.

09 Apr 2024 / 14:33
New increase in Corfu Airport passenger tax

CORFU. From last year΄s increase to €16 it has again increased to €18.5 this year. Reduction in landing fees for large aircraft.

01 Feb 2024 / 11:14
Corfu Airport closing again for a day

CORFU. No flights except for helicopter medical transport on Tuesday, February 6. The airport will reopen the following day.

26 Jan 2024 / 13:13
Corfu Airport reopening on Tuesday 30 January

CORFU. Work will continue to a lesser extent following the opening. Only small aircraft until March 8th.

13 Jan 2024 / 10:15
Corfu Airport closing again on Tuesday until 29 January

CORFU. The airport is being closed temporarily in order to proceed with the second phase of the restructuring and reconstruction of the runway.

14 Dec 2023 / 15:30
Emergency exercise at Corfu Airport

CORFU. The scenario involved an aircraft accident at the airport.

04 Dec 2023 / 10:14
Corfu Airport reopens on Tuesday 5 December

CORFU. Due to upgrade works, the airport will close temporarily again from January 16 to January 29, 2024.

14 Nov 2023 / 10:12
Record-breaking number of international passenger arrivals at Corfu Airport in October

CORFU. The number of arrivals broke last year΄s record.

13 Oct 2023 / 20:35
9.8% increase in passenger traffic at Corfu Airport in September

CORFU. 4.6% increase in domestic and international arrivals and departures.

31 Aug 2023 / 17:20
Second phase of runway reconstruction work at Corfu Airport

CORFU. The airport will close for two separate two-week periods in the winter - The announcement from Fraport.

16 Aug 2023 / 08:26
Corfu Airport to close again this winter

CORFU. According to a NOTAM issued by Fraport.

12 Aug 2023 / 11:40
8% increase in passenger traffic at Corfu Airport in July

CORFU. Slight increase in domestic and international arrivals and departures.

14 Jun 2023 / 22:04
More international passengers at Corfu Airport in May compared to 2022

CORFU. The UK remains at the top of the list.

21 Feb 2023 / 14:35
Corfu Airport reopening on Thursday

CORFU. The first arrival from Athens is expected at 08:00.

23 Jan 2023 / 12:08
Corfu Airport reopens temporarily on Wednesday 25 January

CORFU. The airport will remain operational until 7 February and then close again 8-22 February.

16 Jan 2023 / 13:59
What Fraport said about the delayed transfer of 13-year-old patient

CORFU. "We didn΄t turn down any request - the airport is ready to respond on a 24-hour basis seven days a week."

11 Jan 2023 / 16:02
Deputy Mayor denies that municipal land will be given to Fraport

CORFU. Regarding the clearing of municipal land Deputy Mayor for Technical Works Nikos Kalogeros said, "For goodness sake! Accusations are being made against us because we are cleaning up municipal land!"