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Parking spaces at Corfu Airport - at last!

Corfu Airport
24 May 2024 / 08:54

CORFU. The airport will close again after the end of the season for the continuation of the runway and adjacent zone reconstruction works.

By mid-June, the work on the space between the airport and Corfu National Sports Centre is expected to be completed for the parking needs of visitors and employees. After the end of this year's tourist season, the airport will close again to continue the renovation and reconstruction work on the runway and the adjacent zones.

The above was stated by the communications director of Fraport Greece, Savvas Karagiannis, during an informational lunch for the local media. Regarding the parking area, he clarified that it will have a capacity of 200 cars, with provision for free parking for airport employees. He mentioned that this area is within the airport's concession boundaries and that work has already begun.

There have been numerous complaints from tourism professionals and others about the lack of parking spaces, resulting in chaos at the airport, especially during peak hours.

"It is expected that by mid-June a large space within the airport will be created, which will be able to accommodate a larger number of visitor cars and will have spaces for employees," Mr. Karagiannis stated.

Airport to close again

Regarding the maintenance work on the runway, which caused the airport to close for two 15-day periods in the winters of 2022-23 and 2023-2024 in compliance with EASA requirements for airport certification, he said that they will continue after the end of this year's season.

The work will continue on the safety side zones, and the next section of the runway towards the sea will also be remodeled. The closure period will be announced in a timely manner by Fraport before the end of the season.

"The works to be carried out are on two levels. The new requirements set by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the regular maintenance work that takes place periodically. Currently, the largest project being undertaken is the restructuring and reconstruction of the runway. It is a very complex project and a thorough reconstruction," Mr. Karagiannis said, noting that this particular project will result in the ability to accommodate not only larger aircraft but also an increased number of flights.

Regarding the project to create a RESA safety zone at the extension of runway 16, involving the expropriation of land and the closure of the road adjacent to the runway, he said that the managing company is in discussions with local authorities (Regional and Municipal) to find a way to proceed with the expropriation. However, time is pressing, as the project, which is funded by the Recovery Fund, has to be completed by 2025.

Optimism for this year's tourist season

Mr. Karagiannis expressed his optimism for this year's tourist season, based on the new destinations added for this year (10), the presence of nine new airlines and an equal number of air carriers to existing destinations, as well as the positive double-digit growth shown in the first months at Corfu Airport.

The airport recorded an increase of 12.2% overall (international and domestic arrivals) during the period January – April. He estimated that the 2024 season, barring any unforeseen circumstances, will surpass the previous year in arrivals and passenger traffic.

Regarding the extension of the season at the beginning and end of the tourist period, he pointed out that for the past three years, Fraport has been implementing a model that provides incentives to international air carriers, offering up to a 50% discount on the passenger reduction tax for the periods of March – April and October – November. He clarified that this model operates in areas where services (open hotels, accommodation, restaurants, etc.) continue during these months.