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Emergency exercise at Corfu Airport

Corfu Airport
14 Dec 2023 / 15:52

CORFU. The scenario involved an aircraft accident at the airport.

A large-scale emergency exercise took place on Wednesday (13/12) at Corfu Airport. The exercise was organised by Fraport Greece, the managing and operating body of 14 regional airports in Greece. Participants included not only the company's personnel but also all relevant entities in such situations, specifically, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the Hellenic Police, the Fire Brigade, the National Ambulance Service, the Health Operations Centre, the Hellenic Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board, Corfu Forensic Service, the Ionian Islands Regional Directorate of Civil Protection, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, and involved agencies from the airport, such as the ground handling provider and the Security Services Provider.

The scenario

The exercise scenario involved an aircraft accident at the airport. Upon the occurrence of the event, the Airport Emergency Response Plan was immediately activated, initiating relevant operational procedures.


Actions were initiated for the rescue, provision of first aid on-site, and the evacuation of passengers in excellent coordination among the involved entities.

Simultaneously, the Airport Crisis Management Centre coordinated the incident, and reception centres for non-injured passengers and crews were set up to support the victims.

The purpose of conducting the large-scale exercise was the evaluation and potential improvement of the operational response level to such an event. Primarily, however, it involved the analysis of the progression of cooperation and inter-operability among the involved entities in dealing with such a crisis.

After the successful completion of the exercise, Panayiotis Spyratos, Chief Operations Officer of Fraport Greece, stated, "The successful implementation of this specific emergency exercise at Corfu Airport through the collaboration of Fraport Greece and other involved entities is of critical importance for the safety of airports and flights. Fraport Greece, committed to providing a high level of security to passengers and the stakeholders in the aviation chain, has a broader strategic plan, of which this exercise is a part. This plan is implemented on a permanent basis at the 14 regional airports managed and operated by the company, including, among other things, infrastructure renewal, alignment of processes and operations with the highest European and international standards, as well as the training of its personnel, aiming to maintain and enhance the already high level of safety across the 14 regional airports."