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New increase in Corfu Airport passenger tax

Corfu Airport
09 Apr 2024 / 13:59

CORFU. From last year΄s increase to €16 it has again increased to €18.5 this year. Reduction in landing fees for large aircraft.

Passenger tax at Corfu Airport increased by 2.5 Euros a few days ago. The new increase implemented by Fraport Greece took effect on Monday, April 1st, setting the passenger tax at 18.5 Euros from 16 Euros last year.

These tariff adjustments are stipulated in the concession agreement signed in 2015 between the managing company and the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED) for the upgrade, maintenance, management, and operation of the 14 regional airports, including Corfu. The adjustments are subject to approval by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, the state regulatory body for airports.


Third increase

This is the third time that this tax has been readjusted by the airport management company. Specifically, this tax was set at 15 Euros in 2020, up from 12 Euros before Fraport took over, with the difference that it included all other taxes (e.g., security fees, infrastructure fees, PRM fees), which are now imposed separately.

However, after three years of remaining steady at 15 Euros, passenger tax increased by 1 Euro on April 1, 2023, bringing the charge to 16 Euros. This increase applies to all passengers at Corfu Airport, whether travelling domestically or internationally.

This tax does not apply to infants aged 0-2, aircraft crew, and transit passengers. The adjustments remain in effect until the next readjustment by Fraport, as the airport management company. The concession agreement for the 14 regional airports is valid until 2057 with the possibility of an additional 10 years.


Reduction in landing fees for large aircraft

Additionally, as of April 1st, new reduced landing fees for large aircraft weighing over 10 tons are in effect. The charge per ton has decreased to 5 Euros from 8.70 Euros, which was increased last year at the same time, as until then, this charge had been at 6.26 Euros per ton. However, the decision on whether these costs are passed on to passengers depends on the policy followed by each airline.

Finally, regarding security fees, they remain at last year's levels, namely at 2.60 Euros. These fees were reduced by 0.40 Euros on May 1st, 2023, from 3 Euros set on November 1st, 2021. However, previously they did not exceed 1.5 Euros. These revenues are used for equipment and security needs.