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25 Apr 2024 / 14:27
Italian teachers at 1st High School for Erasmus ΄Job Shadowing΄

CORFU. The teachers from the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "G. Govone" studied the organisation and management of the school and closely observed the implementation of the educational programmes and teaching methods that are being applied.

17 Apr 2024 / 12:53
Agros High School Erasmus+ ΚΑ122 Programme completed successfully

CORFU. The training of educators through the European Erasmus+ Programme, co-funded by IKY, is being significantly enhanced so that they can meet the demands of the modern school environment.

09 Jan 2024 / 18:51
Corfu 3rd High School joins new Erasmus ΄XPLORE΄ programme

CORFU. They visited Bucharest, Romania, where teachers from schools in Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Corfu met.

29 Sep 2023 / 13:09
Helping to prevent addictions with the Erasmus programme

CORFU. Initiative of the Association of Parents and Friends of the Diaplus therapy programme in collaboration with similar organisations from Spain and Italy.

05 Sep 2023 / 12:07
Corfu Prison School joins Erasmus programme!

CORFU. European Programme for Educational Innovation and Mobility - The aim is to improve educational practices in correctional education.

27 Jun 2023 / 19:46
Vocational Evening High School in Spain with Erasmus programme

CORFU. Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals, Vocational Education and Training.

07 Jun 2023 / 11:18
Agros High School teachers at Erasmus educational seminar in Malaga

CORFU. They attended the seminar "Digital Classroom - Creativity and Innovation in Teaching in the Digital Era".

09 May 2023 / 19:07
Potamos Primary School teachers in Vienna with Erasmus programme

CORFU. The teachers visited the Greek Embassy in Vienna, where they were warmly welcomed by Ambassador Ekaterini Koika and Consul Elina Kyriakopoulou.

16 Feb 2023 / 22:40
Central Corfu Municipality participates in Erasmus ΄Europe Goes Local΄ project

CORFU. Meropi Ydraiou: "A valuable opportunity for young people and employees who will be able to participate in international exchanges".

15 Feb 2023 / 00:05
Agros High School teachers in Nice, France

CORFU. The teachers Georgia Athanasaki and Maria Elena Misirli, together with the project coordinator Styliani Kalogianni, travelled to France.

22 Dec 2022 / 19:47
Potamos Primary School teachers in Lisbon with Erasmus Programme

CORFU. The three teachers travelled to Lisbon, Portugal, to attend the Erasmus ΄Cultivating Futures - Environmental Education, small actions with big impacts΄ programme.

19 Oct 2022 / 21:36
Skripero Junior High School hosts Erasmus partners from Romania, Spain and Italy

CORFU. Corfu becomes a place where the traditions, customs, habits and values of different countries come together.

15 Oct 2022 / 00:36
Erasmus programmes open horizons for education

CORFU. Nine school projects were presented today at the Corfu Public Library at the Old Fortress.

14 Jul 2022 / 11:11
Corfu 3rd Junior High connects with Polish schools

CORFU. Corfu 3rd Junior High School teachers travelled to Cracow as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

26 May 2022 / 21:59
Pont l’Eveque Primary School visits Lefkimmi

CORFU. 49 pupils from the Pont l’Eveque Primary School, along with 8 teachers and the school΄s Principal, visited the Lefkimmi 2nd Primary School. The visit included cultural and sports activities.

18 May 2022 / 18:54
Central Corfu Mayor welcomes Erasmus pupils and teachers

CORFU. Skripero Junior High School is already hosting, until 20 May, 50 pupils and teachers from five countries - Lithuania, Portugal, France, Spain and Turkey.

05 Apr 2022 / 19:14
Lefkimmi Junior High School pupils visit Calypso’s Cave

CORFU. As part of the Erasmus programme entitled ‘Modern Odysseys’.

05 Nov 2021 / 20:30
Corfu 1st Primary School pupils and teachers in Deauville, France

CORFU. The 1st Primary School is participating in the Erasmus+ School Exchange Partnerships project.