Tuesday 16.07.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

25th March

19 Mar 2024 / 13:42
Deputy Minister of Transport in Corfu for 25th March celebrations

CORFU. National Independence Day will be celebrated on 25th March.

26 Mar 2023 / 11:08
25th March celebration in Corfu Town

CORFU. There were crowds of people in Corfu Town to watch the parade for the national 25th March anniversary.

24 Mar 2023 / 14:27
School pupils lay wreaths for 25th March National Anniversary

CORFU. Talks on the significance of 25 March at all the schools.

23 Mar 2023 / 14:10
Independence Day programme 25 March

CORFU. The programme of events for Friday 24 and Saturday 25 March.

25 Mar 2022 / 14:51
Mathraki΄s solitary pupil Tasos carries the flag for 25th March

CORFU. 10-year-old Tasos, the only pupil on Mathraki, proudly carried the Greek flag.

25 Mar 2022 / 13:56
25th March anniversary parade in Corfu Town

CORFU. The Government was represented by the General Secretary for Sport Giorgos Mavrotas.

25 Mar 2021 / 09:09
Corfu Holiday Palace lit up with Greek flag

CORFU. The Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel honouring the Revolution Bicentennial.

24 Mar 2021 / 19:36
Old Town Hall lit up in blue and white

CORFU. It will remain lit up tonight and tomorrow 25th March.

23 Mar 2021 / 16:18
Old Town Hall to be lit up in blue and white for 25th March celebration

CORFU. For the Greek Revolution Bicentennial.

11 Mar 2021 / 13:54
No school parades on 25th March this year

ATHENS. There will be no school parades for the 25th March to avoid gatherings of people.

11 Mar 2020 / 13:27
Independence Day parades on 25th March cancelled throughout Greece

ATHENS. The Government has decided to cancel all the Independence Day parades on 25th March.

25 Mar 2019 / 12:26
25th March celebrations in Corfu

CORFU. The Government was represented by Deputy Minister for Culture Kostas Stratis.

23 Mar 2018 / 11:23
Wreath laying for 25th March celebration

CORFU. Celebratory events start today for the National Holiday.

22 Mar 2018 / 17:10
Increased traffic measures for 25th March celebration period

Traffic measures to ensure road safety and the prevention of accidents throughout the country.